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Basic Vlist Technique.

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imoree    3

This is my Interpretation of the Virtual List technique and the absolute basic use.


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    • By TJ53
      On a separate thread I asked Bruce Robertson if the new FM16 JSON functions could be used together with the virtual list technique he created. I haven’t experimented with it but I wonder if JSON adapt well to this great technique. Any thoughts? thanks!
    • By bcooney
      I have a popover portal that displays a virtual list. My client would like to have two or more windows open at the same time. (ugh, i know).
      Currently, if the user has two windows each with a popover portal displayed, they are parsing the same $$vlist, and so one popover's portal is showing the wrong data.
      My options seem to be:
      find a way to make the $$vlist window specific find a way to close the first popover if the user makes a different window active (both popovers do not need to be visible at the same time) hide one popover by storing a key in the virtual list that compares the record to this key in the $$vlist, and if the key isn't there, the portal hides. (don't like this UX). Thoughts? Is there a switched window trigger??
    • By Ben Moore
      I am trying to create a list of dates from multiple tables to create a gantt chart.  My projects have Shipping dates, Installation dates and task item dates.  Each of which come from their own tables.  Is there a good way to import all of these dates into one table related to the project, each with it's own record of Start date and end date.
      I'd rather have:
      Project | Item | Start_Date | End_Date|
      Project | Install_Start_Date | Install_End_Date| Ship_date | Ship_Arrive_Date | Task_Start_Date | Task_End_date
    • By Chris Scalzi
      I'm not sure if this has been answered before but I'm trying to figure out if there is any way of making a virtual list searchable. I can create buttons that will modify the eSQL search and add parameters to the search in a fairly complex way but I'm talking about just hitting the search button and searching within the table.
      I know that calculation fields cannot be searched, I have also attempted to make a text field with a calculated result with full indexing and it seems to still not be working. Any thoughts?
    • By Ocean West
      File Name: MultiPage Letters
      File Submitter: Ocean West
      File Submitted: 21 Apr 2013
      File Category: Samples
      FM Version: 13
      Concept uses a large text block for data entry, the script will parse for paragraph returns and then uses the Virtual List technique to print the multi page letter.
      Also will allow for a scanned image of a signature to be appended and will slide up to the bottom of the body copy.
      Also allows for manually inserting a page break by using <break> in body of text.
      Click here to download this file

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