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CNS Barcode - Getting it working with Filemaker Go (12)

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ianlenehan    0


I am trying to get CNS Barcode to work with Filemaker Go, but have been stumped for a while on the last step. Following their instruction on how to get it to work, I am able to press a scan button, which loads the app, scans, and returns to FM Go, but it refuses to paste in the barcode!

I have followed the instructions here so I can not work out what I am doing wrong. I have used this page to update my scripts so they are suitable for FMP 12.

I have a database called "mydb". There is one table, "mydb", and one text field, called "barcode_data". On the layout I have a button called scan that has the following Open URL script ("Scan") attached to it: "cnsbarcode://scan?profile=myprofile"

As the instructions say, there is a second script entitled "Scan_return" which is a Set Field script that has a target field of mydb::barcode_data with a calculated result of "Get(ScriptParameter)"

Finally I have the CNS Barcode app where I have one profile called "myprofile". The launch URL field has fmp://mydb?=script+Scan_return&param=::barcode::

As far as I can see I have followed the instructions to the letter, but I must be missing something as it falters at the last stage every time. The scan button launches the scanner app, the scanner app scans and then returns to Filemaker Go, but never puts anything into the barcode_data field.

Happy to email anyone the FMP12 file, as it won't allow me to upload it here. Any help would be amazing.



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ianlenehan    0

I've tried the Filemaker forums and also can't seem to find any contact details for the CNS guys, so anything anyone can tell me would be great. Even if it's to tell me to use another app. Thanks.

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That Guy    0

Hi @ianlenehan, I just tried this today.

In the FileMaker Go app I found that it worked when you select 'Add New Record' which automatically selects the first field that you have which is 'barcode_data'. To clarify, after you have made more than 0 records (by clicking the +/- button in the FileMaker Go app on your iOS device and selecting 'Add New Record') if you simply click in the 'barcode_data' field so that you can edit it with any text you would want to input etc., if you then hit the 'Scan' button it will run the two scripts and return the barcode data that you scanned into the now editable field in your FileMaker database and display the barcode data.

Another thing to look out for is that you have specified the target field for your Scan_Return script to the field barcode_data. I originally thought that I had done this but realized afterwards that I left the box unchecked.

Good luck!

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