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FM12 Links to Remote Storage are broken, "<missing:file.jpg>"

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Ziphius    0

I seem to be getting into trouble with broken path directories to my remotely stored container files. For some records the container displays "<Missing:myfilename.JPG>. It seems that sometimes a new folder is created to remotely store the file even though it is the same field. Since the field cannot display images remotely stored in two different paths, some are shown as missing. In a simple test database, I was able to correct this by creating a third folder and recreating the base directory to point to that new folder, and then transfer the data.

However when I did this for my main database, which had multiple subfolders in the base directory before getting to my images folder, I eliminated many of the subfolders in order to simplify it but when I transferred the data, it created many, many complex subfolders (and this is unsecured storage).

Is there something tricky about transfering data from a series of nested folders to a base directory that is much shorter? I've attached an image showing the broken link error in the container field and an image showing the many subfolders that are being created when I do the transfer. Each image is being transferred to its own folder with many nested subfolders instead of all images being transferred to the new path.

Any thoughts to what may be causing FM12 to create the complex subfolder system during transfer for unsecured remote storage?

untitled folder.zip

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Ziphius    0

It appears that over the years, as I moved the database from one computer to another, and occasionally changing the name of a folder in my very complex folder hierarchy of images, I have broken many of the relative paths to the images. This may have been causing some of the problems with the transfer. Fortunately one of my fields contained the image filename, which has remained constant. Some of the image filenames had to be pulled from the relative paths (GetAsText) of the container field. Once I had all the image filenames recovered in a single image filename field, I simply did a folder import (included all subfolders - very nice feature) of the 500 folders where my images were stored and added the images to a newly created container field. The storage options for this new container field were set to external storage and to a single folder of my choosing. The import criteria was that records be updated based on the imported image filename matching the previous filename for that record. Now I have all 3000+ images stored remotely in a single folder. Great new feature of FM Pro 12.

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