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Records "missing" when created by POP3it server side plugin

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I have a POP3it 4.1.13 running on FM Server Adv 12.0.4.   Every three minutes a server side script runs to check for new emails and downloads them into the POP3it messages table in our database.


The problem is that every once in a while the new records will not be visible to connected FileMaker Pro clients until they quit FileMaker Pro and re-open the database.


For example.  There are 500 records in the messages table.

Pop3it runs via script and adds 1 new record to the database for a total of 501 records.

In a FileMaker Pro client that is already connected to the database the found count stays at 500 records.

If I do a "Find All" and scroll to the last record, record 501 is not listed.

However if I do specific search on the date field, the database returns a found set that includes the missing "record".

If I quit FileMaker Pro and then relaunch and reconnect to the database, the database then shows the correct number of records (501) and shows the "missing" record.  This works every time.



1) The problem started when we upgraded to FMS 12 several months ago.  It never happened under FM11

2) The only table that has this problem is the POP3it Messages table.  No other tables in the database exhibit this issue.

3) The problem happens frequently but not with all records and not every time. It appears to be at random.

4) The problem happens on different FM Pro client workstations but not the same records or at the same time across FM Pro clients.

5) We have tried "repairing / rebuilding" the database using the "Recover..." command.  No errors where found and it made no difference with the issue.

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