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On win OS, is there a keyboard shortcut shortcut to open a Drop down list that includes an arrow? (FM12)

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I assume you mean you want to add an arrow as part of your drop down list and not for navigation? OR did you actually want  to hit keys come up and show a list of text characters that include an arrow??  in this case you can map special characters to keystrokes if needed

ie..     or were you looking for more of a graphical type arrow ? 

"►"  which is simply alt+16 or

"→" is alt+26








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I do mean for navigation. On most widows programs when you are in a field that has a drop down list, using Alt+ Down Arrow will open that list (without having to click on the fields arrow). This does not work in Filemaker. Is there another option?

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You can capture the keystroke if you are in a field using this example.

This captures the insert key and inserts a pipe for separation


Set Variable [$keystroke; Value;Code(triggerkeystroke)]]

If [$keystroke = 5]

Insert Text[“|”]

End if


you can use this same thing for what you want and have it open your drop down list. with very little programming you can get the field name and have a custom list for whichever fields you want to have a drop down list.. actually this would be more of a popup list as you need to have it load you list in a new small windows located near you mouse. but would work just as well.  

I will look into  trying to find a way more similar to alt+   but would I then assume when you click the field you would not want the drop down to appear?

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