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Hi! I have a database with several tables, customers, sales orders, purchase orders, stock etc etc etc I also have a table that holds user preferences.


I am creating a popover that is easily accessible on all layouts of my tables that gives easy access to these preferences.


The preferences are linked by a relationship from each table (get account name) -> User name in the preferences table.


And thats fine it works but is there an easier way to distribute this over all tables without having to manually re set the fields for the user preferences popover!


Because at the moment I can copy and paste the popover to a new table but as it is a new table I have to chage the field everytime because its not the right relationship!


Hope that makes sense .... is there an easier way ?

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Your solution should have a startup script that sets often-used data into global variables or global fields. Those can be accessed without relationships.

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