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Importing Records via Scripts

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I am not sure if this is a scripting question or an importing question.


I am trying to import found records from one table into another.

Both tables reside in the same database.


I would like to able to perform a FIND in Table B and have the found records imported into Table A.


I can do this from the File menu.

When I select "Import Records" I have to then select the file I want to import from.


I would like this to be a one button process.

I ALWAYS want to select the found records from same specific file.


Is there a way to script this so that the user does not need to make any selections?




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Hi Jarvis,


If you are need you want to do this importing then you need to follow the steps as shown in the attached image.


You need to provide the file name directly or can select your currently using Filemaker file from your system so that it will easily take the name. Once you selected the file/provide the file path as shown here then just provide the field mapping and  checked the checkbox on the left of import script step option to disable the import dialog during importing.






Hope this will help you.




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Hi Manjit,


Thank you so much for explaining this to me.

What you wrote was very easy to understand and works perfectly!



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