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Where in my code,, to get Filesize(path)

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It be nice... to know the zipFile()  size stored in a container field?


I tried a number of combinations , in my code already nothing returning any thing close

to the remote DL, and unzip.. then knowing the actual size of zipped file



1st, I Copy As,  my filemaker fmp12 file to a folder..  There I know the original filesize

Then I am zipFile, setting a Container field with the zip file.. viewing it on a layout, 


[[[   I want to preview the file on layout here first, know how big it is... ]]]


I can do both email attach and Ftp the file..

Ftp is fast..
I am not certain. email is a winner yet!


Then NEXT, a button

The container is the ftpeek ftp to a remote location server



$goPath       is the full path... ie..      c:folderfolderfilemakerAppfilename.zip

Attached my code


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no big thing unanswered, ..i guess i figure it later  .i am pretty stupid sometimes,, need a mentor to blast theses stupid questions often too,,  i am not the only stupid programmer here hacking to make something work or work around,  My hat is off to the  bright folks hanging out here,,

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