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Missing required Permissions manifest attribute in main jar

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Our users are reporting this error that seems to only happen on Windows. I'm using mac and not experiencing it myself. They can load RawData images but if they go to a File url and it loads the Java Applet they get the following Error:


Missing required Permissions manifest attribute in main jar:



When retrieving the details it shows as


Java Plug-in

Using JRE version 1.7.0_51-b13 Java HotSpot Client VM

User home directory = C:Documents and SettingsOwner


c:   clear console window

f:   finalize objects on finalization queue

g:   garbage collect

h:   display this help message

l:   dump classloader list

m:   print memory usage

o:   trigger logging

q:   hide console

r:   reload policy configuration

s:   dump system and deployment properties

t:   dump thread list

v:   dump thread stack

x:   clear classloader cache

0-5: set trace level to <n>


Missing Application-Name manifest attribute for: http://sampleurl/SuperContainer/sc_applet.jar


I poked around the Super Container directory and didn't see an sc_applet.jar file. 


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Looks like this is the cause of Java 7 update 51:

Starting with Java 7 Update 51, Java has enhanced security model to make user system less vulnerable to the external exploits. The new version of Java does not allow users to run the applications that are not signed (Unsigned), Self signed (not signed by trusted authority) and the applications that are missing permission attributes. 



Someone worked around it - http://community.spiceworks.com/how_to/show/65737-java-error-missing-required-permissions-manifest-attribute-in-main-jar. 

Confirming 360 Works already resolved this - I need to update


Version 2.896 (1/15/2014)
* Compatible with Java 7 update 51
* Fixed issue with retrieving and decoding downloaded file name, with the companion plugin
* Fixed issue with detecting the machine hostname when using standalone mode



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Deployed 2.896 and it corrected the error message I was seeing "Missing required Permissions manifest attribute in main jar"

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