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Russell Proctor

Stumped on charting

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I have a table that records defects found on production lines.

Record ID: URN

Defect: aDefect (bDefect, cDefect, etc)

Line: 01 (02, 03, etc)

FaultCount: 1 (calculation to set field at 1 to enable counting of fault)

I am trying to produce a stacked chart showing defects on the X-axis with the cumulative no of defect occurrences per line stacked on the Y-axis.

I have created a report grouped by defect:


Line 01 3

Line 02. 4


Line. 01. 5

Line 02. 3

And a report grouped by line:

Line 01

aDefect. 2

bDefect. 1

Line 02

aDefect. 1

bDefect. 4

To try and produce the graph but I am absolutely stumped.

Can any one point me in the right direction?



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 my Russell, welcome to the FM forums,


I moved  your topic from"FileMaker 13 General Discussion" to "Charting”, because your profile shows you are using FileMaker Pro 11. Also, we have a topic for  charting.


Please read the short description that accompany each topic area.



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