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Script on button in portal row doesn't show in DDR

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michele    0



I just discovered something scary.  I wanted to check if a specific script was used on a layout as I wasn't sure anymore.  So I created a DDR.


When checking the script in the DDR the 'Layouts that use this script' and 'Scripts that use this script' parts were empty.

Still I felt a bit unsure about deleting my script, so I searched for it manually on my layout and...I found it.

I used it in a portal on a button (=text).


Is this a known bug of the DDR or did I miss something?

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Ocean West    103

curious did you give the button object a name? - wonder if doing so would force it to be included in the DDR?

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BruceR    152

Your description is unclear. Can you provide an example or provide a more detailed description? What is "button (=text)" ?

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Wim Decorte    446

Was this an HTML DDR or an XML DDR?


The HTML DDR is a translation of the XML one so it could have been missed in the translation.

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comment    1,371
When checking the script in the DDR the 'Layouts that use this script' and 'Scripts that use this script' parts were empty.


Is this a known bug of the DDR or did I miss something?


Hard to tell without being able to reproduce your issue.  Which I cannot do:


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michele    0

I need to apologize.  The DDR consisted of different parent folders and I appear to have a script with the same name in another parent folder.

@Comment it's your picture that made me go back to the DDR to take screen shots and realise there was something different going on. 

I should have tried to reproduce the error myself but I was 'stuck' staring at the script name.


Thank you all for your replies.

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