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Assigning Temporary WiFi Password

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We have a restaurant POS system developed in Filemaker, V11 right now, and have gotten a request to issue a temporary wifi password on the customers receipt.  My problem is not generating the password, but finding a third party package that I can communicate with to issue and reset wifi passwords on the wifi system.  

The customer is trying to limit access time, yet give his premium customers the flexibility to stay on during their visits helping him control his long stay customer seating problem without doing this manually via the wifi software.

I thought it was worth a try, but having problems finding a solution for the Wifi side that would be flexible enough to issue and perhaps cancel these passwords via external commands from FM.


Appreciate any leads on a solution.




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screen scripting the admin panel of the wifi is an opportunity, which unit is this? The airport express might require some Automator or AppleScript efforts.

Ideally export directly to the configuration API would be the right thing to do, not sure which Wi-Fi spots have this available.

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