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Get (ActivePortalRowNumber)

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I have a db with over 20k records and I'm introducing a new field to my child table.  Each Parent cant have many childs and for each child I would like to assign a unique number starting with 1.


the goal is to see all my child items the following way.


Parent,  child ID, ActivePortalRowNumber


6294     14785236    1

6294      14785237   2

6295      14785238  1
6296       14785239  1

6296      14785240   2

6296      14785241   3



My current challenge is that I can create a calc to get the active portal row number, but its only going forward.  how can I go back and set the rest of the 20k.





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That's not really a portal row number …


Anyway, to get this numbering, in the child table create a summary field sCountOf<anyGuaranteedNonEmptyField>; set it to Running Count, with restart when sorted by parentID (from the TO the portal is based on); sort either the relationship or the portal by parentID.


(Note that you could use this field to create a summary effect in the portal, e.g. by giving each parentID where summary field ≠ 1 the text colour of the background colour, or a font size of 500 …)  


OTOH, if you have a portal that shows children for only one parent, you can simply put a record number symbol into the portal row.

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