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  2. Anyone able to provide the installer for FileMaker 5.5v2 Server for linux? It's an RPM. I have the CD with 5.5 Server, but would really like to have the 5.5v2 or 5.5r2, I do not remember the exact phrasing. I already have 5.5v2 preinstalled, I'm not able to find the installer itself, and I would like to move to a newer environment.
  3. This is helpful. Thank you for taking the time to reply, and for providing the example.
  4. Open URL Mailto

    What would the syntax for the linked file look like? I can't find an example anywhere.
  5. I actually would remove the fields on the sync layouts only on the device version of the database . Should take 5-10 minutes of additional work each time I prepare a new offline version. I will test some initial syncs it to see if it's worth the hassle.
  6. I think that would work... you'll need to put them back every time you want to edit the configuration though.
  7. I noticed that writing data is a bit faster when the layout has nothing on it. No object or field. Can we remove the fields from the sync layout on the device (iphone, ipad)? (I understand that the fields must be on the sync layouts on the server) Just a crazy idea I had this morning
  8. Please provide a copy of your scripts.
  9. Hi, Thanks for comments, I am actually trying to open new window in the middle of my script and do some other tasks after that and then pause for user input. So far everything is clear to me and easy to achieve, the only problem is that in this way, I have to add several lines of script to open up that new window and then pause the parent script. I considered custom functions cause I though it might be possible to make a custom function to run the subscript and pause the parent script. This way I could replace all the script lines with one line of custom function as a variable.
  10. Printing line items with multiple tables.

    I did search youtube. I found some videos about virtual lists, but it was not what I was in need of. I again looked over the links you provided. I am starting to understand how it stores the values. I did not see about how to loop through multiple records. Would the following be correct? LOOP through estimate table to get value of first record in GLOBAL field (with parsing as link instructed) GOTO report layout and set fields with the variable data GOTO previous layout and get value from second record in GLOBAL field. GOTO report layout and set second record with the variable data. Do this until done. I did not see, or maybe I missed how to cycle through records from the links. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  11. Portal for DataEntry/Ingredients of recipes

    Attached is a modified version of your file with a few of the errors corrected. Steve mentioned some of your errors; including putting foreign keys in the Recipe table, instead of the Recipe_lines table. Also, you had set up all your relationships to be cartesian relationships ("X" relationships) That means "put everything everywhere." You don't want to do that. 2017_09_Essensplan_MODBFR.fmp12.zip
  12. Yesterday
  13. San Diego, CA - September 18, 2017 - Productive Computing, Inc., a Platinum member of the FileMaker® Business Alliance, is proud to announce the release of FM Books Connector version 10. This plug-in connects FileMaker with QuickBooks Desktop and is now compatible with Intuit® QuickBooks Desktop 2018 Pro, Premier, and Enterprise US editions. A typical FileMaker to QuickBooks integration enables users to send customer data and related invoices to QuickBooks with the push of a button. Other integrations can consist of vendor or purchase order data exchanges, customer balance queries, timesheet imports, shopping cart orders, general journal transactions and more. Using the FM Books Connector plug-in makes data exchange easy by eliminating time-consuming double entry and maintaining the security and privacy of vital financial information. With an entire suite of QuickBooks plug-ins, pre-integrated solutions, custom development services, and discounts on QuickBooks licensing, getting started with an integration is easier than ever. Updates for FM Books Connector v10 include: - Added compatibility for QuickBooks 2018 Pro, Premier, and Enterprise US editions. - Resolved an issue in the 64-bit version where the QB Bridge would lose its session after 2 minutes of inactivity or during a large volume of requests. This fix requires a reinstallation of the FM Books Connector; please use the setup.exe installer package to reinstall all components of the plug-in. (This fix is also available in v - Updated FM Books Connector Mac Template for development purposes. The FM Books Connector plug-in can be purchased for $249 for a single user. Existing FM Books Connector customers may purchase a single user upgrade for $120. Multi-user discounts are available. For more information, please visit www.FMBooksConnector.com to download a product demo, view tutorial videos, or read product documentation. As an authorized Intuit Reseller, Productive Computing offers discounts on QuickBooks 2018 Desktop Pro, Premier, and Enterprise licensing. QuickBooks is user-friendly accounting software available for desktop and online deployment. Ideal for small and medium businesses, QuickBooks has multiple license and plan options available to fit almost any budget or business requirement. With QuickBooks, businesses are able to manage their accounting at the complexity they desire from simply tracking customers, invoices, and payments to full expense tracking, reporting, and payroll. Productive Computing offers QuickBooks Desktop 2018 licensing for: - QuickBooks Pro - QuickBooks Premier - QuickBooks Enterprise (Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans) Clients can get their QuickBooks licensing at a discount and Productive Computing will beat any advertised price. Clients with unique license requirements can contact Productive Computing for custom quotes. Please email sales@productivecomputing.com or call 760-510-1200. Plug-in Integration and FileMaker Pro Support: Want help getting this plug-in professionally installed into your FileMaker solution? Do you have other database enhancements you would like to have programmed? We can help! The process is easy - complete our online Request For Quote form (RFQ) or call us directly at (760) 510-1200 and one of our certified developers can work with you on improving your solution today. About Productive Computing, Inc. Since 1996, Productive Computing, Inc. has been helping its customers become more efficient and profitable by implementing custom software solutions using FileMaker Pro. 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  14. Yes, this definitely sounds viable. The primary issue to be aware of when using MirrorSync to integrate FileMaker Server with Wordpress is that the schema needs to be similar. 1 table in Wordpress / MySQL needs to correspond to 1 table in FileMaker: You can't split or merge the sync so that 2 Wordpress tables are synced to a single FileMaker table, or vice versa. Pricing for this is $1,800. Contact charis@360works.com if you'd like to arrange a 30 day trial license key.
  15. Now that the plugins are using 16 script step functions - what is the proper way to get the error of the call made? CCTestMode How can I query and know what current mode it is? Or if you did something like CCProfileCreateCustomer - is there another function that you follow up with it to gather the results?
  16. Thanks, Comment. This worked a charm.
  17. Try the Middle() function: Middle ( full_ticket_number ; 3 ; Length ( full_ticket_number ) - 3 ) If all ticket numbers have the same length, you can shorten it to: Middle ( full_ticket_number ; 3 ; 13 )
  18. Trying to trim characters from both the left and right of a value in one field. There are no breaks or symbols within the value. For example, the following value is in my "full_ticket_number" field: 2900686073681910 In a separate calc field I need to have the "29" from the left and the "0" from the right removed to provide the value: 0068607368191 In this example, the "29" and the "0" seem to be some sort of control character placed there by the issuer, which have no use for me in my solution. Of course the value is unique for each record so I can't just have the calculation look for certain characters to apply the function to. I've tried to combine both the Left and Right functions, but FM is providing errors I can't seem to solve. Advice much appreciated!
  19. Portal for DataEntry/Ingredients of recipes

    That was the purpose of my rely Lee
  20. Brilliant. The number of users accessing such records is very low (if not 1), even if privileges are in place, so I'll leave it as it is for the moment. Cheers!
  21. Portal for DataEntry/Ingredients of recipes

    HJS: it may be your desire that this be a simple exercise. That doesn't make it a reality. Lee: that said; I don't think this is a useful starting point.
  22. Ohh, GREAT John, thank you so much, I will try your code ASAP and return the result to you here... Thanks again ! Kind regards, Gokke
  23. Portal for DataEntry/Ingredients of recipes

    Here is one that looks promising. http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/89496-my-recipe-database-needs-help/?p=411032 I don't use FileMaker for our recipes, we use a inexpensive cook book because, they have some recipes, plus special menus for, diabetes, cholesterol, etc. We also enter family favorites. You can also do proportional for number of people, such as 1, 2 , 3, etc.
  24. Portal for DataEntry/Ingredients of recipes

    Lee: I tried a search and got "hits" but actually did not find anything useful. If somebody has done a search and found relevant examples, then it would be helpful to link directly to those "curated" examples. Unfortunately - yes, that does mean a bit more work.
  25. Dear Steve, dear Lee, thanks for the fast reply - unfortunately I read yours Steve couple of times but I do not have an idea about the way to go. I can read the explanations but they do not transform into an information I could use...but thats all because of a lack in my database-thinking. I already tried to find other databases and have posted in the post you attached already but was told (also Lee) to start a new post...alls other files I found did not fulfill my basic needs as they have been more complicated. and to me it looks like reading someones database is like reading someones excel. everyone has its own style...but thank you for the planning database, I will try to squeeze out the necessary information... I am also not sure if I explained correctly what I would like to do? I might attach a drawing of it...
  26. Depends how paranoid you are. If the error you're concerned about is record lock, you only need one Set Field to tell you if it's locked. Alternatively, you could use the Open Record script step to test for the lock. Keep in mind that it's possible to get different errors for different fields, e.g., someone has access privileges to one field but not another. If you have those kinds of concerns, you'd probably need to test each field.
  27. Brent On the web site 3.05 is still the current version. Can you confirm what version you are talking about? Jerry
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