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  2. Hi all, Is there any way of sending and receiving message on iPhone using the iPhone Messaging app and have the conversation recorded in FM GO? I know that we can use "open url" to set messaging variables and pass it to messaging app, but this way we can not record the SMS conversation in FM go any more. On the other hand, we can use third party services such as Twilio to send and receive SMS but then we would need to stick to FM go for sending and receiving SMS. Regards,
  3. Migrating from FMPv10 to 13 issues

    Regardless of version of Windows, if you have scriptmaster 4... you need the 32 bit version of Java If you installed scriptmaster 5... and have 32 bit windows there is another thread on here you will need to follow to get the correct version of the JRE.. near the bottom of
  4. Need to insert custom dialog

    I think what you are searching for is the set error capture example 2. https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/16/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help%2Fset-error-capture.html%23wwconnect_header
  5. Migrating from FMPv10 to 13 issues

    Admittedly my PC knowledge skills of late are limited and behind the times. Trying to raise 2 grandkids just doesn't leave me the time I use to have to stay on things .... or update as needed ... and thus why I still run Windows 7. SO ... I notice FMP 10 and 13 installed/s into Programs FIles (x86) .... 32 bit (correct?) Installed/Updated latest JDKs (jdk-8u144.Windows-i586 & jdk-8u144.Windows-x64) : Windows x86 dk-8u144-windows-i586.exe Windows x64 dk-8u144-windows-x64.exe ... to latest versions. Restarting to see if anything works ....
  6. Hello All, Below is my script for my webdirect layout ; I want to include a dialog saying "No record Found" if a user is searching and nothing is found. Freeze Window Set Error Capture [ On ] Allow User Abort [ Off ] Perform Quick Find [ Preferences::gSearchField ] If [ Get(LastError) ] Perform Find [ Restore ] Else Sort Records [ Restore ; No dialog ] Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ] End If Go to Field [ Preferences::gSearchField] Thank you. LoLa
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  8. File Size Limit?

    I have a FileMaker table that has about 70,000 text records in it. Each record has a state field, which I am using to break the records into groups. I have a script running scribe, looping through the records and writing them to the state appropriate file. All of them complete successfully, except for TX (which is also the largest group). Each time I've run this script, it gets hung up on TX only and will sit for hours before ultimately just crashing FileMaker completely. I can't find anything about a scribe temp file size limit. Anyone know if there is one and what it is?
  9. I’m having a really strange issue with a goto related record script step after converting a file from *fp7 to *fmp12. There was no issue with this in FileMaker 11. The script step is linked to a button, to go to a related record (same record) based on the same table to a different layout that contains portals based on different tables. For some reason running the script when a particular record is selected crashes FileMaker 16, and I have to force close the program. I did think the layout may be corrupt in some way, so duplicated it, deleted the original an renamed the duplicate. I still have the issue. Strangely, it only appears to happen with one particular record, the script step works fine with all other records I have tried which adds to the mystery. I have tried deleting the offending record, recreating it (assigned a different uniqueID), yet still the problem. Even if I manually go to the offending layout, then start scrolling through records, as soon as I get to that record FileMaker crashes. I’ve tried recovering the file to no avail. Is there anything else I can try, I was hoping to not have to build the layout from scratch again.
  10. Open URL Mailto

    I haven’t considered a plug-in, is there a cost involved and what would you recommend?
  11. I am interested to see the outcome of this. Scenario 2 is where my mind went as I read Scenario 1 as I have Scenario 2 working in some multiple file separation models (Interface, Data, and Media files) I do recall having login issues when testing for web direct and have not gone further with it. Although I do know the simplest solution is to have the Interface file auto login to a default account then Put your Floor and Manager scripts only in the Data file. The data is what you want to protect and do not need data protection in the interface file. In fact it makes new updates of the interface file easy as you don't have to code in ways to reset passwords in all files when you distribute an updated interface file. I have planned to work this out, and it is more complicated when there is one interface and data and media files. Perhaps this helps you. Cheers, Ben
  12. Can't Find MirrorSyncUpdater.fmp12

    I may have a solution to the missing MirrorSyncUpdater but, the problem is not completely resolved. I deleted Filemaker Go and downloaded a new version. I then downloaded the file from the URL and performed a sync. I then changed the version number in the server file and performed another sync on the iPad. The sync worked, it reported a new version was available and then it proceeded to download the new file. Everything appeared to be working but after a few tries, it failed. After the URL transfer was complete ( blue progress bar all the way across) the file hung. The progress bar disappeared and I had the option to "Continue" (on the right side) or, "Previous/next" (on the left side). Clicking these buttons did nothing. The little spinning wheel continued to go around but nothing was happening. I left it for maybe 10 minutes. It then opened the new file and asked me to put in my credentials. This may be the reason why I deleted it before - it appeared to be doing nothing. I did this twice and the same thing happened each time. If one of my clients was doing this he would become rather frustrated and end up doing all sorts of things. It may be an idea to include a message to say that the file should not be closed and to leave it alone to do its thing?? Warn the user that even though nothing "appears" to be happening, it is doing something. Tell the client not to click any of the blue buttons and not to close down FileMakerGo. In the previous version of FilemakerGo the MirrorSyncUpdater file was not showing on the device, nor the recent tab. I may have deleted it several days back without realising it. Jesse, you may need to include in your script a check to ensure MirrorSyncUpdater is installed on the iPad. If not - install it. I think it would be even safer to hide this file from the user so that he cannot inadvertently delete it. Another point of note. When the iPad had completed the download of the new version it opened the newly downloaded file. On the Mac using Filemaker Pro advanced, it closed the file off and I had to manually open up the new version from the Finder. This is a great feature and is better than the one I had developed. Mine worked but, it did not delete the old file and replace it with the new. I guess I could have done this if I had a bit more time up my sleeve.
  13. I have an rtf string (imported from Oracle 11g) on which I've run a string replacement and now want to export using Export Records but it needs to be encoded in Western (Windows Latin 1). Can anyone help, please?
  14. Can't Find MirrorSyncUpdater.fmp12

    Hi Jesse and Ocean West, Have anyone found a resolution to this problem? I have the exact same issue.
  15. Hello folks I am experiencing a peculiar behaviour, which is creating a user case problem, in a solution that is utilizing the Data Separation Model and WebDirect. I need to know if this behavior is normal, a bug, or if my implementation is incorrect. I've got an interface file and a data file. Each file has two Privilege Sets defined (in addition to [Full Access]); call them Floor and Manager. Floor has very restricted access, and Manager has more liberal access (but no where near Full Access). Scenario 1) I've made a script in the interface file which performs a re-login. A user logs in as Floor privileges via WEBDIRECT. User then performs the script and enters credentials for Manager. The interface file successfully performs the re-login and gains the privileges associated with Manager. However, the data file does NOT change, it does not re-login, and it still exhibits the behaviour of the Floor privileges. I know this is an incorrect implementation. Which brings me to: Scenario 2) I've made a script in the interface file which collects the account name and password from the user (show custom dialogue), stores them in temporary global fields and as local variables, clears the temporary global fields (keeps the variables), then performs the re-login using those variables (which works). The interface file gains the new privileges as expected. Then, that same interface script calls a re-login script in the data file, passes those login credentials to it, and then performs a re-login there in the data file as well. This works perfectly in FileMaker Pro Advanced, but it does not work in WebDirect. WebDirect still exhibits the same behaviors as described in Scenario 1: interface file does gain the new privileges, but the data file remains unchanged, retaining the original login's privilege set. Thus, how can I make WebDirect act like FileMaker Pro in regards to getting both parts of data separation model to perform a re-login? Thank you
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  17. Migrating from FMPv10 to 13 issues

    Sorry ... I knew I should have posted more info ! Windows 7 ... and it's the for Feeds/Reports API not the Merchant Fulfillment API I've updated to the latest Amazon libraries for my conversion Included the jars The dist folder MaWSJavaClientLibrary-1.1 All the thirs-party commons-codec-1.3 commons-httpclient-3.0.1 commons-logging-1.1 httpclient-4.2.6 httpcore-4.2 activation jaxb-api jaxb-impl jaxb-xjc jsr173_1.0_api log4j-1.2.14 I tried doing a conversion of the original Scriptmaster file in FPMv10 to 13 and it doesn't work after conversion in that file either. And just verified Java JDK 1.6.0_26
  18. Jump on click

    Try turning off the "Snap to grid," by deselecting the checkbox.
  19. Jump on click

    yes, these are my settings. grid is 72/8 .
  20. Migrating from FMPv10 to 13 issues

    Win, Mac?? Which jars? Which version of the MWSMerchantFulfillmentJavaClientLibrary
  21. PSOS Export Records Error 800

    Thank you for the tip. Yes, this is used to then import into a temporary table for running a report, that is faster than a loop. It works fast enough now (it takes about two seconds), but I'll consider your suggestion for the future, thanks.
  22. I'm know I'm way behind the curve but I'm finally at least moving up to FMPA v13. I'm having major issues getting my same java to work. Since this is the Scriptmaster section let me address my java issue that worked fine in v10 .......... I've copied the java code from Scriptmaster under v10 I pasted it into Scriptmaster under v13 I added the jars Run script I now get a .... java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.amazonaws.mws.MarketplaceWebServiceClient I'm at a loss .... Works fine in v10. Anybody able to offer any ideas ?
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  24. Jump on click

    To Verify that you are working with the grids on or off
  25. Jump on click

    FM Pro 15 Adv and Windows 10. This has been going on for some time and is driving me crazy! Has anyone else experienced this: click on an object or field in layout and it jumps (moves) a pixel or two. I have to continuously re-align the object. This happens whether or not the object is touching a grid line. I have tried turning on or off the snap to grid and snap to guide. It makes no difference. So I generally leave them both on. I haven't posted this on other FM forums, but perhaps I should.
  26. Custom Layout

    Hello All, I'am wondering the best way I would go about making a custom report. I have a table with results for around 30 different tests. I would like to make a report that could allow users to customise what results are included for example Test 1 - Result Test 2 - Result Test 4 - Result Test 12 - Result Test 14 - Result Would this be best done by using a sub summary when sorted by or is they a better way? Jon
  27. Search within a portal?

    You could use a search button to perform a script. That script could open a small card window, or use Input fields in Show custom dialog. But what do you want to do after the search? All of this can be scripted. Keep in mind if you search in a portal, you get all the parent records that have a portal record that contain that value. As an example, if you're searching for yesterday's date in a portal, you don't get just portal records with yesterday's date. You get all the parent records that have a portal record with yesterday's date. So as you flip through the parent records, you'll see portal records with all records related to each parent record. You could use a portal filter to just show the portal records of the searched 'date'. But you would also have to clear that filter to avoid user confusion. Now if you just want to show only the portal records that match the search criteria, you may be better off going to a layout based on the portal, maybe even in a new window, where you can flip through the records, then close the window. This way you wouldn't disturb your first window's found set.
  28. Thanks a lot it works really well Kind regards
  29. Relating 2 DB using a range of timestamps

    Do you mean like this? Archive.zip
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