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    Hi Josh, - rolling back is a big job - Recovery Mode etc. Was a brave move I admit - albeit a silly one. Thats OK - it only seems to be FM17 affected by the change. FM16 is working well. Thanks for posting.
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    OS/browser security, antivirus will likely all complain. If you could do it, hackers etc could do it just the same.
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    Editor is THE rich-text editing tool for FileMaker. It is familiar for users and flexible for developers. Editor provides a full-suite of text-formatting tools for writing projects such as notes and blog posts. The formatting is saved, and can be retrieved for further editing. Editor is the best way to provide formatted text for FileMaker. The post Editor: The Rich-Text Editor Add-On For FileMaker appeared first on Geist Interactive. View the full article
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    Yeah this is strange. For example you can send PDF's, images, MS Office docs etc and interact with them there in Messages or drag them into other areas using drag and drop functionality in iOS 11 and newer. Why would FileMaker not have a handler built into iOS when its an Apple company? Baffling.
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    Oh dang it. I had that the first time round. Then I started playing and tried using relationships but that didn't work because you used Get( FoundCount) for the recordcount. Then I looked again and thought, I don't need those calcs, I can just do the summaries. And never looked at the results again. 😛 Sample.fmp12
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    as weird as it gets some days, omitting a $ sign in the password for the SSL certificate did it for me together with the concentated root and intermediate that I got from Thawte. Solved- thanks
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    Hi Asu GetContainerAttribute is expecting a field as the first argument, but you are giving it a string. It would be great if FileMaker worked out what you mean, but it won't! Try this :- GetContainerAttribute (GetField ( Get ( LayoutTableName ) & "::" & Get ( ScriptParameter )); "height" ) The GetField command takes a string, and returns the contents of the field, which I believe will solve the problem.
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    The Layout Objects Window (in FileMaker 16) solves the problem of grouped objects. Using that you can drill down into the grouped object and change its name easily without ungrouping. You can then specify the objects name as a parameter when you invoke the script via the button. This is not available in FM15 though.
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    I've had to deal with moving files on iPad around as well. I've always admired the Apple hardware and and software design. I don't agree with the restrictions they place on endusers and how iOS devices are locked down. This article (though from 2012) probably clarifies some. http://osxdaily.com/2012/02/19/send-any-file-to-an-ios-device-from-mac-os-x-with-imessage/ I don't know if Apple has changed this behaviour in its latest iOS (though I wouldn't expect so). It's to do with the sandboxing Apple uses in iOS. It would appear you are out of luck with iMessage in terms of transmitting files. You can send any file using iMessage, you just can't do anything with a lot of them once they hit your iOS device. How useful is that?
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    This type will be converted to Concurrent Connection License. Roughly the same type as you have. 1 server, hard cut off on 10 connections (if that's what your contract says) But users can use FMPA, FMGO, WebDirect - depending on what you have developed in your solution. Use this type of license contract, if you have unknown or occasional users. Note that each seat is roughly 3x a user seat. So if you know your users, the new User Licence type is better and cheaper. Note that Site license is very different in that the number of clients is the headcount in the ENTIRE organisation and they start at 25 seats. User license is the number of users, that will be using your solution, no matter via which type of FileMaker Client. (FMPA, FMGO, WD) So let's say Apple would use FileMaker in their R&D department, where 200 people will be using the solution, it would not make sense for them to purchase a Site license as they would have to do that for ALL employees in the company. In this case, User License is the perfect type, as they know who will connect to the solution. Also note that User License is very similar to FLT, but starts at 5 clients and then you can add exactly the number you need above this. So if you need 7, you only pay for 7. And User license include 3 servers. Which you should consider using as development, staging and production servers - and use the Data Migration Tool to move between these.
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