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    Hello, With adding "and Cad_Type_lxt is not null" it's not working ? Maybe you could say you could change your field and setting it like Auto entry with calculation : If Extract(field,1,1) = carriage return ; Extract(field; 2 (Length(field)). So if the first char is carriage return, get the string after the first one Tom
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    We are now 3 years later and there are still similar issues with QuickFind. make a popover and put a merge field and a regular field on it check "include field for Quick Find" select all objects on layout ( using shortcut ) unlock all objects uncheck "include field for Quick Find" open the popover and notice that QuickFind is not disabled. I have the impression that this also happens with objects in a group, but did not continue testing. Can anyone reproduce this? It took me a while to find out why QuickFind was simply crashing my FileMaker 17. Clicking the cancel button... still removes the cancel button, but does not cancel the search (another old bug). Which forces me to kill FileMaker after 10 minutes of drinking coffee. You are never sure that you did not miss any field that still has QuickFind enabled. With an XML clip editor, "quickfind=1" and "object flags="14"" seems to find objects with the QuickFInd flag on. I hope there will be a slightly less cumbersome way to find those object in the future. I wonder why the QuickFind option doesn't follow the defaults either. The "include field for Quick Find" checkbox is greyed out when you have no objects selected in the layout. This slightly forgotten technique allows you to set field defaults, but the developers who created QuickFind apparantly weren't notified. Especially for QuickFInd, it is very important NOT to have it enabled by default, or it becomes a FileMaker killer. Especially if you cannot cancel a very complicated QuickFind in progress. I consider this yet another bug. Go ahead if you're able to reproduce. I 've done my share of bug reporting, and would continue to do so, if it weren't so... unfulfilling. And I lost enough time already today because of these bugs. Aha. You KNOW when you have disabled them all when you get this dialog when executing a QuickFInd:
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    Hi Siroos, That works for creating new Received Payment records in QuickBooks, certainly. However, you should also be able to add transactions to an existing received payment, so long as the payment still has available unassigned funds. You would use the aggregate link field "AppliedToTxnMod" instead of "AppliedToTxnAdd". There is an example in Intuit's QuickBoosk Desktop SDK docs page that is similar to this situation (although the docs are out-dated, it should still be valid): https://developer.intuit.com/docs/01_quickbooks_desktop/2_build/30_tutorials/44_appendix_f_overpayments_and_refunds Hope this helps! - Chris Turner
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    Hi Siroos, Using the native FM Books Connector functions, you can verify if a customer exists by executing the following functions: PCQB_RqNew( "CustomerQuery" ) PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue( "ListID" ; $QBCustomerListID ) PCQB_RqExecute If the result of PCQB_RqExecute is 0, the customer exists in QuickBooks; otherwise, the customer does not exist. Using these functions ensures you don't need to worry about using a PatternCount to validate the results of the response; the plug-in will report error if the requested ListID is not found (you can further verify this by calling PCQB_SGetStatus immediately after the PCQB_RqExecute function call). Hope this helps! Chris Turner
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    I have FileMaker Server 17 running on my local machine. I'm trying to use the command line to backup a single file to a folder in my home folder using the following: fmsadmin backup filename -dest filemac:/Aslan/Users/chuck/project/folder/ Although it's unusual for a command line path to be specified as above, that's how the fmsadmin help backup help text specifies it should be (although I've tried using the standard POSIX path). This always returns (after entering my credentials) "Error: 20500 (Directory not found)". I tired giving the fmserver user the read/write privileges for the folder to no effect. Never mind. I found it. `-dash` needs to be `--dest`.
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    Tried doing it with a FileMaker Script but that get slow really fast. Problem seems to be the Process Logs. As I understand you use them to monitor the running of the FM services. But they generate about 300-500 Log entries a second with only 5 monitored servers. And deleting them from within filemaker is really slow. Truncating or deleting them from SQL is way faster. I found out a better way to do this. From the MySQL Server itself. Do this in MySQL Workbench: In the MySQL menu ( I have a an older version running here, things could be slighly different ) choose Server->Options File. Under the "General" tab, the first option is "event-scheduler". Enable that and put it to "On". Then restart the MySQL service. Then execute the following SQL: DELIMITER $$ DROP EVENT IF EXISTS Processes_Cleanup; CREATE EVENT Processes_Cleanup ON SCHEDULE EVERY 1 MINUTE STARTS CURRENT_TIMESTAMP + INTERVAL 60 MINUTE ON COMPLETION PRESERVE DO BEGIN SET SQL_SAFE_UPDATES = 0; delete FROM whistleblower.processes where TIMESTAMPDIFF(HOUR, TimeStamp, now())>96; END;$$ DELIMITER ; This creates an event that checks every hour if there are records that are older than 96 hours and deletes them. Of course you can adjust that number to whatever pleases you. You can check the event schedule with: show events ; After the interval time, your processes table will be cleaned up to contain only the more recent records. It is confusing indeed, but you need performance records over time if you want to make statistics over time with that data. If you do not want to do that, set the cuttoff to something really small.
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    We love FileMaker DevCon and GoDraw3, so we're putting on a contest to find the most creative use of the product. Join us and GoCreate! The post GoCreate: A GoDraw3 Contest at FileMaker DevCon 2018 appeared first on Geist Interactive. View the full article
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    No surprise. You created a self-referencing calc. Don't. TestMOD2BFR.fmp12.zip
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    ​The email client is 32 bit however FMPA 13 was 64 bit - so why should one work and not the other. The help link IS confusing. Just found this on the FMP Forums - looks like they aware and working on the issue: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/da8f1c09c8 Thanks all! Jim
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    Have you tried : Set Web Viewer [Object Name: ”yourWebViewer”; Action: Reload]
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