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    Hello Lewis, To answer your questions: A. Yes, MirrorSync 5 is compatible with FMS16 B. Yes, switching from Version 3 to version 5, you would have to set up your configurations again, re-paste script steps, and send new spoke files to users. I have attached some useful notes regarding upgrading from version 3 to version 4, it would be the same for upgrading from version 3 to version 5. In regards to upgrading, starting with MirrorSync 3's release, MirrorSync has been under a maintenance model with an annual renewal fee, licenses under maintenance are able to upgrade to later versions without any additional cost. If you have any more questions, please feel free to email us at Support@360works.com Have a great day, Warren - 360Works Licensing IMPORTANT 4.0 update notes.txt
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    Just came across this article: https://www.nngroup.com/articles/form-design-placeholders/ discussing the use of placeholders and thought I'd share.
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    That's a fair point. Well, it was only wishful thinking on my part anyway...
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    You have two "?" but only one parameter. Not sure what the "JKJ" is, don't think it's needed. Also this might fail or be horribly slow if you don't commit the record first, but you'll need the keyword text before you commit or you'll lose track of what row in the portal you were on. So you'll need to be careful and experiment with the script trigger, possibly passing the text as a script parameter. ExecuteSQL ( " SELECT COUNT ( * ) FROM JOB_KEYWORD_JOB WHERE Keyword__lxt = ? AND \"_kflt__JobID\" = ? " ; "" ; "" ; JOB_KEYWORD_JOB::Keyword__lxt ; JOB_KEYWORD_JOB::_kflt__JobID ) An alternative would be to create a unique identifier in the child table on which you can then use field validation as described here: https://community.filemaker.com/thread/96710 or you might consider using a pick list or some such method to prevent the duplicate data in the first place: https://community.filemaker.com/thread/182738
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    Yes, SMTP sends without showing the mail client. As I mentioned above "Then, the card can have a Send button (calls a script that creates the email record - sends or queues for server sending). " So, the email becomes a record in FM. Perhaps an Activities table.
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    THAT'S IT! You are my hero for a day.
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    Hi Wickerman, Is re-login script set to run script with full access privileges? If that is the case, "Get(CurrentPrivilegeSetName)" returns [Full Access]. That is why it does not set the custom menu. I'd suggest to set a variable for "Get(CurrentPrivilegeSetName)" and see what it returns using data viewer and script debugger.
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    Hi Sean I spoke to Jesse about this at Devcon, and he understood the change in behaviour and I *think* the dev version of the plugin I have fixes this...
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    Can you show the script you are using?
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    Probably to avoid hoisting ourselves on our own petards... without the Tools menu you'd have no way to switch back to standard menus. I think the Format menu is not listed because it only contains sub-menus, but yeah I think it and Window should be there, it's weird. Scripts, it kind of makes sense not to list since that's already all custom commands.
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