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    Hi all I just helped someone else with this problem, so I'm posting again here to make it publicly available: THE PROBLEM: The PHP API function "getValueList" can break under FMS10 when there's an ampersand (&) in one of the values: "apples & oranges" > becomes > "apples apples &apples & oranges" The function has officially been "deprecated" in FMS10 -- and replaced with "getValueListTwoFields" -- but the ampersand is a case when the original function in fact _breaks_ when hosted in FMS10. Changing to the new function fixes the problem. (I don't know if any other characters also cause problems.) WHO THIS AFFECTS: - Anyone who has used the getValueList function with FMS9 -- whether via the Site Assistant or not -- and upgrades to FMS10 - Anyone who uses the getValueList function under FMS10 - Anyone who has or may someday have ampersands (or possibly other characters?) in any value-list values that are published to the Web via the PHP API under FMS10. REMEDY: When upgrading to FMS10: Replace all instances of "getValueList" with "getValueListTwoFields". When developing under FMS10: Always use "getValueListTwoFields". (While in FMS9, do NOT use "getValueListTwoFields" as the function does not exist.) I hope someone finds this helpful. Best, -Joel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Joel Shapiro FileMaker Pro database & web design http://www.jsfmp.com 415-269-5055 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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    Seems like you may need to learn about Table Occurances. You can have multiple occurances of your tables in the graph in order to establish different relationships. In the graph you would make a copy of your Classes Taught table ( which it's self is a Table Occurance, just the first one ). You can call it Classes Taught 2. Then create a relationship from Contacts to Classes Taught 2 matched on Class Taught 2:Contact ID Matching . Then on your layout you would use a portal pointing to Class Taught 2 Note: you can name the Table Occurances anything you like. The underlying Table will still be the same. Every instance you see of a Table in the Graph is merely an occurance of the underlying table. You can show any number of Occurances in the graph for a single table. There will still only be one actual table of data that these Occurances represent.
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    I don't think it can work the way you describe. A found set is just a bunch of records being shown at the moment. If you select a category (e.g. "shoplifting"), Filemaker will happily lookup the parent category (e.g. "petty larceny") based on a relationship. If "shoplifting" belongs to "petty larceny" for Agency X, but it's classified as "theft" by Agency Y, you must select an agency for the specific crime record in order to determine the correct classification.
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    It's probably not something you can fix yourself. Try saving a compressed copy instead of recover and see if that fixes it. The recover command recovers DATA and is not intended to fix database structure. In fact the recover command can destroy structure in its attempt to recover the data. Best practice is to recover a file then import the data into a known-good copy of the file, and not put the recovered file back into production.
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    OK, just to clear up some evident confusion. Version 12 products have a new file format. This is the case for FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, and FileMaker GO. The new versions do not host or open files from older versions (.fp7 files). The old versions do not host or open the new files (.fmp12 files). There is no compatibility across the two file formats: .fp7 and .fmp12. Older version formats must be converted using FIleMaker Pro. Steven
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    Due to crash issues during filemaker 12 operating system linked functions (printing and sending email), I have been forced to do major alteractions to DBs and human user / operator procedures. Windows 7 crash reports shows FMOLE.dll as the crashed program. FMOLE.dll crash started FM11 ProAdv but very infrequent. FMOLE.dll crash is very routine in FM12 ProAdv. Large printing or email creating 'jobs' (scripted procedures) have all been broken into multiple part sequences. One is to select / find the records and set a flag (set 1 value instead of normal 0). Once primary flag subgroups of records (another flag set) are chosen. Once both flags are 1 then print or email sent is invoked. Any crash means one matched the email set / printed pages versus sorted subgroup to 'pickup' and start the process again.
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