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    Another option is to add a calculation in the Numbers table which concatenates the line, similar to: Type & ": " & Number & " " & Ext or you can insert tabs instead of spaces for aligning. Then in Companies the calc would be: List ( Numbers::thisCalc ) Virtual list is good and I use it quite a bit but it isn't the simplest technique to grasp. 12 offers ExecuteSQL() which would work as well. Anyway this is another option. :-)
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    I believe this is better off handled using a custom menu, by modifying the Close command to issue the prompt. Also, don't exit the FMP application, just close the window. An assumption is being made that your window is the only one that the user has open. I find nothing more annoying than closing somebody's database only to find that it quits the whole application. The horror!
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    Before 'End If' add the script steps: Else Exit Script [Result: 0]
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    This looks like a great tool. It would be nice if there were a brief documentation for using it, or maybe a brief screencast showing how to use it. I'm one of those folks who learns best by example. Thanks! Tom
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