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    I agree there are many issues with FM12, but thus far I haven't experienced any frequent crashing and as for Pdfs. running the same script to save the monthly invoices ( usually a couple thousand ) in FM11 use to produce a really bloated PDF file for me. After converting to FM 12 the same PDFs were about a 10th of the size. One change I did have to make was to not have the found set of invoices switch to preview before saving or printing. Switching to Preview mode initially took a crazy long time. But since it wasn't necessary to switch to preview mode before saving the PDF I now leave it in Browse mode and it runs smooth and quick. We converted quite a complex system and there were bugs and layout adjustments that had to be made, but we got through it ok. Maybe it would have been better to wait for 13 but I was anxious to take advantage of some of the better new functionalities introced in 12. The toughest part is, moving forward, although 11 has better performance and seems to be more stable by all reports, Staying with 11 means staying stagnant because all further functionality and developments will be based on the new format. But again, If you're considering switching, waiting for 13 might be a wise choice. About like skipping Vista and staying with XP until Windows 7 came out, which is what we did in our office. Good Luck All
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    I also use it for work, probably to a lesser extend than that, but for similar purposes. I create a notebook for each client too, and use the notes to record outcomes of meetings, contact details, server settings etc. I haven't really gotten into using evernote for screen captures or diagrams but I'm sure that would come in handy. I also use it to store files like zip files or databases instead of putting them onto my hard drive direct.
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    Of course, given that FM12 and FM11 are really totally different applications - I'd ask why you expect FM11 to be able to do that?
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