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    Hi, Does anyone know if FTPeek supports SSH Key Pair Files or in any way? We have built a system using FTPeek to upload and download data to a 3rd party SFTP site, all working great, except the 3rd party now want us to setup an SSH Key Pair and provide them the public key, and control the security from our side, but I am unable to get FTPeek to connect without errors. Has anyone done this? Many thanks for any help that you can provide. -- Orlando
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    Well, you're building an actual found set through the GTRR so FMS has to send a bunch of data to the client. If your only intent is to find members that have current payments you could do all of this in memory through ExecuteSQL without having to build a found set and incur the overhead that comes with that. Once you have the member list narrowed down then you can ask FMS to send you info for just those members
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    If you deny them the privilege to create records, they won't be able to duplicate records either. If you do want them to create new records, let them do this through a script. Not sure what you mean by "copying a record". Custom menus are not a security measure.
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    File Name: Sort Portal Rows File Submitter: Mindfire Solutions File Submitted: 05 Jun 2013 File Category: Solutions FM Version: 12 "Sort Portal Rows" is a FileMaker Solution that provides user to sort his portal dynamically by multiple ways. The FM solution is compatible and workable with FileMaker Pro 12. Silent Features of Sort Portal Rows Solution: - The portal rows are getting sorted by sort fields - User can sort portal rows according to the selected value from a custom value list - Each custom value re-presents a column field so based on the field's value the list of keys - Portal rows can sort by selected value from the value list of exact field name - Portal rows can sort by selected value from the value list of Custom Value - Portal rows can sort by selected value from the value list of Portal Header To discuss about our FileMaker service, expertise and how we can help you, please contact us on email or call 1-248-686-1424. Click here to download this file
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