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    When you combine literal text with place holders in a single text object (or e.g. combine references an literal text in a calculation), the literal text strings, including any white space, are preserved as they are (that's why it is called a literal). So if you leave a space to each side of the "of" (resulting in " of ", as in LaRetta's and my examples), no 'jambing' will occur. To be explicit: Copy the following text within quotes (but without the quotes themselves) and paste in on your layout: "Page {{PageNumber}} of <<$$page>>" This gives you a single text object for which no sliding is required and in which the individual components “keep their distance”. PS: You are not really on Mac OS 9 …!
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    "I'm not sure where to put the buttons now given it's a list view…hmmm."  Note that you could also put a popover in the row. Â
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    I have just discovered this the hard way. Fortunately, I have found this thread that directed me to the answer. I was getting crazy trying to make Export Records work in FileMaker Go. In my case the problem turned out to be cause by user account's privileges set to "Minimum" menu items. To make it harder to discover why it does not work, Get(LastError) returned 3, which means the script step is not supported on that device, rather than 9, which would mean insufficient privileges. If you do not want to bother adding Export Records to the custom menus, the easiest workaround is to run the export script with full access privileges.... HOnza This is because menu set is only refreshed when user is expected to be able to access it.
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    I'm here ( as Always ) Another way ( simpler ) Datefield // calculation result TimeStamp LOL
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    If that is a concern, consider = Timestamp ( Datefield ; 0 )
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    Use Timestamp ( yourDateField ; Time ( 0 ; 0 ; 0 ) )
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    and also for some reason the export after the "install menu set" will not work unless you [pause] right after it even for 0.01 secs...
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    well - this in not entirely the case. in the help file it says that for FM Go the export records step is partially supported: yet I could not export anything since the last update (12.0.5). before that, export to xlsx worked well. with each update they released something didnt work as it used to.... UPDATE: Only now I found out that the export DOES work but only if you have the Export menu on you custom menu enabled. "Run script with full access privileges" does seem to bypass it... So my solution now is that in the export script I Install the Export custom menu and at the end I put back the one without it...
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