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    Indeed you are - and not on a point of syntax, but on the principle. Security cannot be based upon a script having run successfully. This has nothing to do with a runtime, and everything to do with accounts and privileges.
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    Interesting discussion, comparing 2009 Xserve and Mac Mini Server. We decommission our servers after three years in the Datacentre and by that stage, some of them are already showing "domed" electrolytic capacitors on the motherboards (although some do not). This can lead to hardware crashing if they no longer operate within tolerance. The longest we've run a server is 1440 days. If I was going to put in a 2009 vintage server into a Datacentre, I'd want to have a good look over the motherboard first - as well as talking to a repair shop about what tends to blow first (eg psu?). And using brand new drives would be a must I would have thought. I've read that the drives in Mac minis are not fast rpm or data throughput. I wonder how a Mac mini would perform if connected to a SAN via the gigabit Ethernet port. You could then just keep the internal drives for the OS and use the SAN for the data partition. Also, I gather that Mac Minis previously listed as being 8GB Max, can now be reliably expanded to 16 GB if you're careful about exactly which memory modules you use. When you say you can get an Xserve for $999, is that off eBay, or do you know a reputable recycled hardware vendor?
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