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  1. This is one of the topics covered in our various training videos: www.learningfilemaker.com This video course covers FileMaker Pro 13 and FM Starting Point... both!
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  2. Hi, I've only just discovered Scriptmaster. I am trying to use it on 2 computers both running OX S 10.9.4. On one everything runs perfectly. On the other, the registered modules won't load into FM client once Scriptmaster has been opened. When I go to "external functions" in the calculation engine the only modules available are the following. However they are not the ones I selected in Scriptmaster. EvaluateGroovy( groovyScript ) RegisterGroovy( signature ; script ) SMGetVariable( variableName ) SMLastError SMLastStackTrace SMLoadJar( externalJar ) SMReset SMSetVariable( variableName ;
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