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    oops, wrong programme :-/ Could you cover your fields with the rectangle tool & stick some text on it?
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    IMHO, the proper solution for this is to have a Comments table, where each comment would be a separate record, with fields for date, author, PupilID, contents - and of course a unique ID. This is regardless of whether the solution is served or not.
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    Andrew's 2012 session is available here (direct link, presumably only works if you're registered and logged into to the new Community, aka TechNet, site; else you will need to register first, then navigate to the videos). It was the FileMaker 12 version of his talk. Andrew updated his presentation (considerably!!!) to cover FileMaker 13's Custom Styles and Themes at this past year's DevCon, and a follow-up presentation by Adam Ward dove deeper. Unfortunately, I don't believe those are available online; had to be there. hth, Mark
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    Mike, don't be intimidated by EasySync. I believe using that framework to be a better use of your time than writing your own sync.
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    Owes a guide of "how to". Instructions. If there is no way to create a runtime for ios via FMP, FMP looses many users.
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