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    Why not just insert a random number into the "Sequence Number" and then sort on that? If I read your description right, you are making a 2 step process into a 6-step process. This is of course assuming I read it right and you are just trying to explode the values into a second table and then sort them in a random order.
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    Why 01-36, when there are (you say) 53 balls? Anyway, try it along these lines: FilterValues ( "01¶02¶03¶04¶ ... ¶51¶52¶53" , List ( One ; Two ; Three ; Four ; Five ; Six ) ) This will return a sorted, return-separated list of the 6 numbers, which you can arrange any way you like. --- If you do have a value list of the 53 ball "numbers" (with leading zeros), you can use that instead of enumerating them again: FilterValues ( ValueListItems ( Get( FileName ) ; "YourValueList" ) , List ( One ; Two ; Three ; Four ; Five ; Six ) )
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    The "Go to Object" script step is opening the popover and making it visible. You do not need to set any objects to "0". The popover 'button' in my example is 'always' hidden. I have the popover 'background' sent to transparent. The semi-transparent gray background that you see when the popover is open is an element that is totally separate from the popover (it's just a standard button) that is only visible when a value has been entered into the global field that defines which portal record to display. I like to use a separate button as the background overlay because I am kind of picky about how things look. I like how I can make the overlay button expand all the way to the edges of the layout. If you use the default popover background it does not expand all the way to the edge of the layout and you end up with this uneven perimeter around your layout which looks unprofessional to me.
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