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    Dave and Steve: you're right! I made a simple example file to demonstrate this. WindowTest.fmp12.zip
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    Bruce, I'm confident what I said in my first post is accurate but I should clarify, the found set of the TO of the *current layout* stays the same when opening a new window. However all layouts based on other TOs revert. Keep in mind, in terms of maintaining found sets, FileMaker doesn't actually care about the layout, but rather the TO (not base table) of the layout. Here's a 1 minute video of what I'm talking about: https://youtu.be/fES-BcJCizE Steve's experience is a direct result of this behavior.
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    It sounds like the field where you are making the selections is in the Collections table, instead of being in the Requests table, where it belongs. Indeed, that would seem like a more flexible solution - see if the attached helps: Collection 2.fp7
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