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    This thread seems to be stuck in a loop.
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    There are a couple of issues with 0x00 it can not be inserted with Char( 0 ), Substitute ( fieldname; Char( 0 ) ; " _There was a 0x00 here_ " ) it can not be substituted by Char( 0 ) as in the example directly above, also tried pasting the 0x00 that looks like a line break in FileMaker into the script as follows Substitute ( fieldname; " " ; " _There was a 0x00 here_ " ) when copy pasted it sometimes become Char( 13 ) – 0x00 is untouchable in many ways. 0x00 is an invalid search criteria when copied from a field in browse mode and pasted into the same field in find mode In essence Char( 0 ) means end of string, it is fully capable on making its way into a FileMaker field, actually it probably is what terminates all FileMaker fields. It exports fine to FileMaker files. #include <stdio.h> int main () { char greeting[6] = {'H', 'e', 'l', 'l', 'o', '\0'}; printf("Greeting message: %s\n", greeting ); return 0; } After copy / pasting using the keyboard into the same field Char( 0 ) turns into Char( 13 ) [ Solved ] When Checking the box "Apply current layout's data formatting to exported data" for formatting the issue of 0x00 is no longer present for XML exports.
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