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    Hi All, I am happy to present the FmDynamix project, including cfCall () and #load (), my new 2 custom functions .... In an interest to further test FileMaker more and more ... I tried to give you a presentation of this new method, as explicit as possible, I hope to have succeeded ! You have the description and the presentation here, and take before the file demo : fmx_FmDynamix_Presentation.fmp12 I hope that this file will give you the urge to see this method, I do not think I have view of similar thing I hope that this "modularity" will please you and will give some ideas, feel free to test and give me your comments ! Thanks for your interest Agnès ( and thank you to Google Translate too )
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    Yes, as our German friend's doppelganger just said : go have a look ! Even if it's only through the eyes of a kid at a magician's show ! It's worth it.
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    MirrorSync stores its internal sync data based on the database file name on the hub, so if you change that name, it will be necessary to edit the sync configuration, point it to the new file, and then distribute new offline files which will run through the initial sync process. I would also recommend resetting the sync data (by right-clicking the name of the configuration) to save some disk space. Do this BEFORE changing the database name. Once you edit the sync configuration, older offline files will no longer be able to sync, so have them run a final sync before doing this.
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    While it may take a while (and more than one time listening to Agnès explanations… ;o) to fully understand what she has done it is definitley worth trying it out! It is not only a different way of thinking about storing and handling elements/code of a solution, it is also challenging to get behind all that in a positive way! Go and check it out! :o)
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    I believe the best strategy for field labels (and perhaps for all language-dependent strings) would be to load some global variables with strings in the selected language, at the time the language is selected. How to store these strings depends on whether the number of languages is constant or not. Note that in v.14 and higher you have the option of placeholder text, which can be calculated.
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