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    Hi Ash I've enclosed a revision of your sample file. I added a global field in your 'Asset' table to act as the selector, to decide which 'Assignments' to view. Then I added a filter to your portal that only show the records that match the current selection. You can't have it based on the 'idOffice' in Assets since that changes which office the asset is assigned to, which is wrong, hence needing the new global field. I also added a script trigger to my new selector field to refresh the window when the value changes, to force the portal to refresh which records it shows. Also, I had to add an Auto-Enter 'Lookup' on the 'idOffice' field in 'Assignments' so that each assignment knows which office the asset it references is located in. This was required to do the portal filter. Note that portal filters only change what is viewed, it doesn't actually change which values are found by the relationship which shows the portal. Therefore if you did any calculations such as Sum (Assignments::qty) in the Assets table, then it would add up all the related records, NOT just the ones shown in the portal. You'd have to change the relationship itself if that was a problem. Hope that helps and good luck as you learn! Assets.fmp12
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    Hey Lewis, Great question. After some tinkering, I got it to work for me. There's a few steps involved which I'll walk you through. First off, we use Java methods to perform the encryption process for us. By default, the Java JRE only goes up to 128 bits (due to some security policy). If you are using Scripmaster version 5, you can swap out a couple of the jar files in the 360Plugin Java library to get it to work (notice that our plugins use this specific Java environment, not whatever version you have installed on your machine). The paths vary by operating system. On windows, they should be in ProgramData\360Works\Plug-ins\jre, and on Mac Users/username/Library/Application Support/360Works/Plug-ins. From Oracle, you want to download the Java Cryptography Extension located here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jce8-download-2133166.html In our JRE folder, replace the two existing jars with the ones you just downloaded located at ../jre/1.8.0_121/Contents/Home/lib/security/US_export_policy.jar. Using Scripmaster modules, I generated a 256bit key (instead of 128) and was able to encrypt and decrypt with it. I also checked to make sure my plaintext matched up after going through the process. Just a reminder that I tested this using Scriptmaster 5 and can't endorse this workaround with previous versions as they have completely different Java frameworks. Should you have any questions about this, let me know. It was a fun learning experience! Junior Perez 360Works Support
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    If I understand your question correctly, you need to import your records (to a new table) multiple times, each time importing the title and one of unique combinations of size, color and short.
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    Even better = BE_RegularExpression ( "AlphaBravoÇharlie" ; "(\p{Ll})(\p{Lu})" ; "g" ; "$1 $2” ) returns: "Alpha Bravo Çharlie" Basically, this looks for a lowercase character (excluding punctuation and digits) followed by an uppercase one, and inserts a space between them.
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    Are you sure you are using FM Starting Points?
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    The upside of the record number symbol is that you don't need to define a field. The downside is that if you want to fit {{recordNumber}} into a skinny space; that is difficult. There are some stupid FileMaker pet tricks you can use to resize it but they break if you touch the field. So I often use an unstored calc field, defined as get( recordNumber); and place that on the layout.
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    Duh. I'll answer my own question. The issue wasn't with the attachments -- it was with the body text. I had been using type "rtf" -- which doesn't support both text and attachments. Once I switched to type=html, I can now get both attachments and body text in the same message. Thanks -- and sorry to bother the community. Perhaps my stupidity will help someone else searching for a similar question.
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    Well wait a minute … words can be turned to repetitions and repetitions can be imported as records so … how about this way? I got this idea from you, LOL. It must be a full moon. update: I replaced the file. I had neglected to specify 'perform auto-enter' during the import. It is corrected now. TestMODr.fp7.zip
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    Does this work all right for you? Testing2.zip
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    another option... 24u Software Phidgets Plugin
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