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    In my tests the FM16 functions are about 10x slower than our plugin for large JSON blocks: http://www.mbs-plugins.com/archive/2017-05-23/JSON_Functions_MBS_vs_FM16/monkeybreadsoftware_blog_filemaker And FM16 does not handle data types well with JSON, all handled as text.
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    I wouldn't say that. There are lots of things that repeating fields do that repeating variables don't. For example, List ( RepeatingField ) returns a list of values in all non-empty repetitions of the field. OTOH, List ( $repeatingVariable ) returns ... well, nothing particularly useful. In fact, there is nothing "repeating" about repeating variables: each repetition is a completely independent variable with nothing in common with the other repetitions except the first part of the variable name.
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