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  1. May I suggest that you work with this version going forward. It clarifies key field names, reorganizes the graph, and eliminates "portal" from any table or relationship names. The TO may be used in a portal. But labeling the TO as someThing_someThingPortal hides actual relational concepts. Test File DemoJOBR.fmp12
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  2. Your creation point is different. Because the Film Pitch Notes belong to the Film Title...you have to create it using a relationship to that table. Then you can use another global field to select that film to be the basis for which records you want to see. Test File Demo 2.fmp12 Note, that the Film Pitch Notes will be created being related to the film you have selected in the Film Pitch Portal.
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  3. You got it, Josh and again, thank you. Works like a charm
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  4. Good to hear. Post back if you have any questions about how it works.
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