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  1. I find that in general layouts designed for GO or WebD always look fine on the desktop (not always true the the other way around!) My default design paradigm is to always use the Touch themes even for desktop layouts. This keeps the layout duplication to a minimum. Keep in mind there are aways exceptions where you will have to have duplicate layouts for Go and Desktop based on other demands (or workflow).
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  2. I have done exactly this, although using Windows tablets. You need to think differently... As you discovered FMServer will disconnect, so you need a solution that does not need to maintain a permanent connection to FMS. 1. Run a local datafile on iPad to collect the sign ins. 2. Connect to FMS only when you have some data to send - maybe as soon as employee has signed in, OR, 3. Connect to FMS using an OnTimer script - maybe every 5 minutes so the iPad doesn't stop users signing in immediately after the last employee. 4. If the connect to FMS fails then error trap and
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