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    In the Preferences dialogue there is a tab for Permitted Hosts, check the host you are referring to is listed here, if so delete it and this should reset your warnings. -- Orlando
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    One thing to consider as long as users can't type in other characters such as periods or spaces and the "Mrs" is only available from a drop down list than the above approach is valid. Another approach Exact ( FieldA ) = Exact ( FieldB )
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    The Customer_Aircraft layout is not available because it is not a layout of the same base table as Balance sheet. Every layout is defined to show records from a specific table occurrence on your relationships graph. And every table occurrence on your relationships graph belongs to one of the base tables defined in your file under the Tables tab. When you want to go to related record from a specific table occurrence, only layouts belonging to table occurrences of the same base table are available.
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    This message comes up when you have a script trying to perform some action (e.g. set a field or go to related record) without having a relationship to the target of that action. It also appears if you place a field from an unrelated TO on the layout, then try to edit the value in that field manually. Most likely, the field you have deleted had a script trigger attached to it. And you probably copied it from another layout, where the script was in the proper context for the action to take place. Bottom line, you must be very careful when modifying an existing solution made by someone else.
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    You should not use registration as a key if it's a value that you have no control over and if it is not unique. I see many relationships in your system that are questionable: You're relating Kit>KitItems by Description! Should be by KitId ATAChapter? Is that a field you control? You didn't answer where Registration is created. By your system? What is it? (auto-enter serial?). Why do you have a PrimaryKey field if you don't use it for relationships? Also, before you go much further, I would strongly suggest adopting a convention for the Relationship Graph. I prefer Anchor-Buoy, but you need to do something. This will not scale well.
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