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    HOPE i am giving you what u asked for 1ST LETTER BOLD.fmp12 version 2 1ST LETTER v2.fmp12
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    1. Does the file hold sensitive data? If it does, I would just caution against removing the password. 2. The feature you are looking for is the Auto-login feature under File Options.
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    The way to make a string smaller is to compress it. Filemaker has no compressing functions, and I doubt applying a compressing algorithm to your "client code" would make it any shorter. Compressing algorithms work by removing redundancy - and there will not be much redundancy in such a short message that does not contain any character runs. Take for example: Original text: GOPALA KRISHNAM RAJUAMBATI770296510211/25/1982a.gkr.rkg@icloud.comCD0B22C200D0C0D1B898D6E17C775A26SIMBU2COM Length: 107 characters. Original text compressed using gzip and encoded to base64 (otherwise the result would be a file): H4sIAK/kV1wAAwXBUQqDMAwA0P+dwhPUJNCm/Vuajlld59B5gOFAhhNB2P333rV/yE2qbshjc5dSDdJOUqI8MzNQcBaBEGuyNQZPL7OshznW5fyZv/vvbeZ90wSRSAkggULC6INP7oKszFbIjbnEibQvpz/OdpUjbAAAAA== Length: 168 characters.
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