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    Oh the irony AutoUpdate out of date
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    Ok i discovered the issue! I opened the Auto Update on your server Demeter then went to the layout Host your own Auto Update File clicked the download File That file is out of date.
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    Do note however: in a found set sorted by Category, where category can be be either A or B or C, a calculation field = sTotalValue - 2 * GetSummary ( sTotalValue ; Category ) when placed in a trailing grand summary part, will return the equivalent of: sub-summary value of A + sub-summary value of B - sub-summary value of C This is because the calculation will be evaluated from the context of the last record in the found set, which belongs to category C.
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    If I understand correctly your description (which is not at all certain) then no, I don't think you're missing anything. You can use GetSummary() to get the sub-summary value within a sorted group.There is no way (that I know of) for a calculation to reach out to another sorted group and pluck its sub-summary value. Ostensibly, you could define a calculation field using (only) the GetSummary() function, and then use GetNthRecord() to get the sub-summary value of another group. But you would have to know how many records away the other group is - which is not likely when there are more than 2 groups. If all the records in the three groups have a common parent record in another table, you could do the calculation there, using 3 relationships. But then you would lose the ability to report on a found set of only some of the related records. Actually, here there is a simpler way: use the method known as Fast Summaries to collect the sub-summary values of the groups in your existing found set. Or a single calculation field that would split the values into 3 separate repetitions that can be summarized individually.
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