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    Yes, I'm aware of all those options. But here's the deal: Filemaker runtimes have allowed me to roll out small targeted label and report solutions to meet Customer requirements, easily and quickly. In each case, the data originates in other systems. Often it is in the form of distribution grids that Filemaker could not possibly process (not a record-based data model). We have Python routines to do the heavy lifting of depivoting this data into a normalized record-format. These are all one-off jobs. Nothing lives in an ERP or other database system. It's project work. The only way to retain that resiliency is to purchase a Pro license for each person using these one-off apps. The ROI for that is just not there, and no other alternative in the Filemaker universe is viable. Unless it has been significantly improved in v19, WebDirect is a non-starter. It has abysmal PDF support, no real Printer support, and still does not let you generate PDFs with images coming from a folder. That leaves using the API. This is a non starter. If I'm developing a custom App from scratch, for my particular use case, I have no reason to use Filemaker. To get something out fast, I'd do it in Python, use temp SQLite tables, and some off-the-shelf reporting library. It will still take 10 times longer than spinning up a Runtime app. We run WebDirect on a local server for other stuff that will continue to work just fine. I really wish Claris would have spent time making WebDirect a truly viable replacement for runtime solutions. I have no problem purchasing more concurrent licenses for Server.
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