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    We at Geist Interactive have released a new podcast (well new in the last eight weeks): The Context Podcast. Our podcast is focused on higher-level discussions of the FileMaker platform. We discuss (and embrace) innovation and technology inside and outside of FileMaker. We talk with guests from all around the community about their thoughts on whatever topic is on deck. We also try to ask the guest their thoughts on the context of certain techniques we use in our projects. So far we've released the following episodes: All About the Context: @Todd Geist and @Jeremy B All About join::table: with the folks from join::table (the titles get a bit better from this point forward) FileMaker Milestones and Person Connections: @Todd Geist @Wim Decorte The Security Talk: @Josh Ormond The Context of JavaScript and its Future: Carson Lind A Talk with Women Innovating Together FMPerception and FMComparsion with @Dave Ramsey What do Users Care About with @bigtom Check these out. Subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. And we'd appreciate a review. Let us know how it sounds and what you think of the discssions and guests and host. FINALLY: If you are interested in joining us for an episode and talk about something you're doing in FileMaker, let @Jeremy B know here or at support@geistinteractive.com
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