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    Not sure in what form you need the results. Here's your file back with two global fields that contain a list of unique skus and the count of that field (set by script). DEMOv2.fmp12
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    You took the words right out of my mouth, Tom. Unfortunately, I hadn't had the time to follow this thread as I'd liked. Wim explains it very well below, link here https://community.filemaker.com/thread/149215?start=0&tstart=0 (although the entire thread is well worth the study). OneStop, you're lucky to have such great assistance. This is why I still ask questions here as well. :-) My apology for not reading the entire thread so I'll only suggest that using Perform Script on Server is lightening fast if you can use it. I'm still blown away at the speed differences. Agnes, you've been quite helpful and respectful throughout. This forum is lucky to have you assisting.
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    Not quite. OneStop, you'll need to search for *-
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    Hi Sandra and welcome to the FM Forums, Depending on what type of questions you have about work in FileMaker, there are several sites that offer training. I'm currently following a free course by Matt Petrowsky, at ISO FileMaker Magazine called "The Scriptology Mastery Course for FileMaker Learners." You can sign up for it at his site or on YouTube. Each Video Lesson takes anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, but expect to spend more than that sometimes because, you will probably want to watch some videos more than once. Matt has Covered the FileMaker Environment , Fields and Calculations, Data Structure Schema and now into Layout Mode & Design. BTW, I did I mentioned that it is a FREE course to anyone wanting to increase, or hone their FileMaker Pro Skills. One caveat though, you don't have to have FileMaker Pro Advance, but it will be beneficial to you if you do, as he refers and uses it all of the time. Other sites include, Lynda.com Database Pros FileMaker Magazine Seed Code Skeleton Key Learning FileMaker Pro There are more, but I'm running out of space. HTH Lee
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    Lee ... You're Great :-) No problem for a FileMaker master like you! Thanks.
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    Option 1. Updating an element should be infrequent and not too difficult once you get rolling. Actually your may be better off creating and modifying the elements and objects in your solution, then copying them to your developers reference database. They're are many template dbs available for rapid, repetitive developement. When I updated and rebuilt my business DB, I spent the first large chunk of time creating one layout and custom theme, duplicating it, and saving it as the template with all the navigation buttons bars, as the basis for all new layouts. I also have one template layout for all printing/reports. Option 2 will kill you in the end. You'll be going back to all (100's?) of layouts tweaking spacing, and nudging objects throughout the solution.
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    Going back to your original post, there's a big red flag there that hasn't been discussed: it's almost never a good idea to use ExecuteSQL as a calculated field, or any layout calculation (tooltips, conditional formatting etc.). There's been quite a bit written about this, but essentially the deal is that if there are uncommitted records in the table you're searching, the client will attempt to download the entire table from the server. Not a pleasant experience. Bottom line is, only use ESQL in scripts, where you can control it a little better. When used appropriately it's fine with large data sets. 265k is large-ish but FileMaker can handle millions of records no problem, it just depends on the design. Since you're familiar with SQL this link will have a lot you already know but you may find some FileMaker-specific tidbits: https://filemakerhacks.com/2012/10/19/the-missing-fm-12-executesql-reference/ About the profile, I share your concerns about collecting personal info. We have to register people with an email address to prevent spam. The rest of the profile is completely optional. However, it really does help us -- a lot! -- to answer questions if we know what version of FileMaker, what platform and what level of experience you have. Also FYI this forum is pretty much run by @Ocean West as a labor of love. I hope the ads cover his hosting costs but I don't know. He is a fellow FileMaker developer who's been supporting the community for as long as FileMaker has been around. I know he takes data privacy seriously.
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    The value list method that @bcooney mentioned is a good one. One I've used often. It relies on something FM is already doing, building an index of values. That index, by it's own nature, is a unique list. I didn't look at her file, but I imagine she is using the function ValueListItems ( ). That would be my route. Another method is simply looping the records and building a list as you go. If the current record value doesn't exist in the list, add it. Here PatternCount ( ) would tell you if the value is in the list. Everyone here is just trying to help. No one means any harm. Even if it reads that way sometimes. Have fun...look forward to helping you with any other questions you may have.
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    Dear OneStop, glad you know my name, while you didn't disclose yours. I'm sorry if I offended you. I'm glad bcooney could help. Good luck with your work! And Lee just asked you to update your profile, just like he asks everyone else. That's a basic board requirement. Nothing's offensive about that.
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    Well, then it's time to learn about relational database structure. I recommend the FileMaker Training series or read about it on Google. Different entities should be stored in different tables. A SKU is different from the actual product sold. You can sell more of the same product under the same SKU correct? And PRODUCT is different from SALES. So as a minimum you should have 3 tables in your system. Otherwise you basically just have an Excel sheet.
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    With the advent of a new Fiscal Year for the FileMaker Developer Community, we will experience five emerging trends in FileMaker Information Security. Each of these will likely have specific impact on developers, on our clients, on the Platform, and on the larger business environment in which we operate. Cumulatively and symbiotically, the magnified impact of the five will have the potential to alter many long-standing practices and conventions. What are these five trends? How will they impact the developer community? Read more and download article here: https://fmforums.com/files/file/94-five-emerging-trends-to-impact-filemaker-platform-security/ Steven H. Blackwell
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    ReleaseDate an auto entered date field: GetNthRecord ( ReleaseDate; Get ( RecordNumber ) - 1 ) + 7
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    Search for "-" in the filed. This would find all negative numbers no matter if the "-" is in correct place or not. When you got the found set, replace the field content with below calculation: "-" & GetAsNumber ( MyTable:MyField )
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    Glad to help. Step back and think data model before diving in always helps. Build a solid foundation.
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    With the privilege sets the way you have them now, add an additional check. A global field that only a [ Full Access ] account has access to. Set that field in your licensing process. If that field is not set, the script did not run. If the script doesn't run, the privilege set will prevent access to the data or any scripts. As far as reading the scripts, no, hackers can't do that. Unless they brute force override the full access account password. But that's a different problem, which you cover by using EAR. You can include a test at the beginning of all scripts, to ensure that field is set. If it's not, bail from the script.
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    In a case like that, make the default access be to nothing. No access to anything. Only allow access to the data, and layouts once the script finishes. That makes it so that when the OnFirstWindowOpen script has not run, they have no access to the data, the scripts, layouts, etc. There is then no benefit to not having that script run.
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    To add to what @Steven H. Blackwell has said. Can you do a lot to prevent someone from by-passing the OnFirstWindowOpen script trigger? Yes, absolutely. Can you 100% guarantee that it will run? No. There are ways to prevent it from running, even if only temporarily. The answers you received are trying to account for varied security changes from version to version. One other important thing to remember, you may have built it for 16's security features...but did you make sure they can't open the file in 13, 14, 15? OnFirstWindowOpen is meant to get your user to where you want them be when they begin using your custom app. It simply can not, and should not, be part of your security ( what the user is allowed to do ). The question posed is a good one. IF the OnFirstWindowOpen script does not run, can the user do something you didn't expect or want them to do? By setting up the privilege set to limit what they are allowed to access, you then afford yourself the strongest protection. The main premise is this. If the privilege set allows them to see the data, they can see the data. If the privilege set allows them to go to certain layouts or run certain scripts, they will be able to run them or get to them. Scripts are merely one mechanism to automate the movement of the user and/or data. It allows you to provide a better user experience. Allow User Abort [ Off ] is useful. And should be used in many places. However, it is not a guarantee that the script will complete. One many thing to think about. You have FileMaker Pro Advanced. What happens when you open the file with the debugger open, and are not logged in as a [ Full Access ] account?
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    "Are you saying that OnOpenTriggers can be bypassed by someone whose privilege set is authorized to only execute scripts, who has no authorization to edit layouts, edit value lists, or edit (or view) scripts?" Yes, that is correct. It may vary, as you suggested, from situation to situation. This is one of the reasons we advise people not to employ such scripts for "security" purposes. As previously noted, as we have gone from version to successive version over the past 13 3/4 years, FIleMaker, Inc. has worked to close a number of the potential attack vectors, including external file manipulation and use of external API's. Remember also, please, that the script itself has nothing to do really with gaining access to the file. If someone obtains credentials for an Account, that person can access the file. In most instances accessing the file with trigger the OnOpen script. But we cannot 100% guarantee that in every instance that this will occur. In fact, we can state the opposite; in some instances it can be possible to by-pass the firing of the script. And circumstances will vary version by version. I realize this is not the answer you wanted to hear. However, it is the best information I can provide you about this topic. Steven H. Blackwell
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    MiddleWords is not restricted to paragraph delimiters. You may be thinking of MiddleValues. So if the data has a consistent separator, you don't need to do any substitution, you can simply parse it out as in Lee's last post. Handy reference: Word Separators
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    There's nothing wrong with an opening script trigger. It only becomes an issue when people try to use scripts instead of the security settings. It sounds like you are taking appropriate measures. You may want to suggest number 2 as a product idea.
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    docaser, I ran into the same issue using Version 3.06 of the plugin. In looking at the header information, the messageID is listed as message-ID. So I tried using EmailReadMessageValue( "message-ID" ) Adding the - into the value to read worked. This is a change from version 2.X of the plug in. In that version the documentation was correct. Regards Bruce
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    Hi Chris Your calculation is probably showing as 'Stored' if you look at it in the Manage->Database window. So FileMaker stores the result to make it indexable and quicker when you are performing a find or calculation based on it. However, because you are using Get ( CurrentDate ) in your calculation that stored value becomes out of date every day. FileMaker will re-evaluate the result when one of the other fields that are referenced changes (as you pointed out), but sadly FileMaker doesn't really notice that the result of Get ( CurrentDate ) has changed! To fix this, you need to make the result of the calculation 'unstored' (by clicking 'Options' in the Manage->database window for that field). This way FileMaker will re-evaluate the field whenever it is on screen or required for a find or whatever. The down side of this is that it will be slower to view and work with the result of the calculation, which can become a problem if you have a lot of records. Because you are using a 'Calculation' field-type, there is no real way to have both the performance of a stored result AND the convenience of the calculation field being always-updated. If this were my database, I would change it to be a 'Text' field, and use the 'Auto Enter Calculated Result' option, using exactly the same calculation as you have above. Then, I would have the database run a script on startup (once per day only) that set's the field correctly for todays date using the same calculation. FileMaker would handle any intra-day updates if any of the other fields referenced changed. You then have a 'stored' field, which gives you the best performance, and the result will always be correct. Make sure to uncheck the box that says 'Do not replace existing value of field (if any)' in Manage->Database->{yourField}->Options if you try this technique. Hope that helps, it's a common question, and the topic of different techniques for calculated fields is well-trodden on this forum!
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    Rather than having a Count calculation field, I'd definitely recommend having a field named something like zFoundCount (in every table). Define it as an explicitly NON-stored calculation equal to: Get ( FoundCount ) That field, as La Retta mentioned above, will know in what context it is being called. So, if you put it in a portal, filtered or not, it will show the number of records in that portal. It also has the advantage of not requiring the reading of the record content in the same way that a calculation field that Counts a data field in the table does. Read this article (from Digital Fusion in 2010) - this technique can produce drastically faster results: https://www.teamdf.com/blogs/a-lightning-fast-alternative-to-the-count-function/ We use this technique in many places throughout our system, and that zFoundCount field is a standard field we put in every table. It made a huge difference in performance and ease-of-development.
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    Sliding will not work if any fields are set to align middle (vertically) and borders on lines can sometimes be a factor, also check on the layout setup and un check the boxes.
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    Try this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4y5fz9fxa5b7sr0/FMEasySignature-Mac%26Windows.fmp12?dl=0 It has been modified to work with Windows. I spend most of my time in FM community. Sorry I didn't see message earlier. I go by schamblee on both forums. Please don't comment on files in dropbox. Send message through the forums. FMEasySignature-Mac&Windows.fmp12
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    Just installed FMPA 14 two days ago and running it through its paces. I may have found a bug but not 100%. I have a script that will email my clients their account info and password by Send Mail via Email client. This IS performed with dialog so I am expecting to see a window pop up with the email I am sending - however nothing happens. When I run the script on the 14 platform (tried in both Pro and Advance) no dialog appears and I get a -1 Unknown Error when the Send Mail script step is fired. This script works flawlessly in 13. The file is hosted on Filemaker Server 13 Advanced (waiting for the kinks to get worked out before I upgrade); Windows Server 2008 r2 64 bit. The client machines are all 64 bit Widows 7 machines. Is it the "B" word or is there something new to configure/sort out that I'm not aware of? Thanks in advance - Jim
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    My colleague recently found a more specific solution to this problem for FM13. I realise it is probably a completely different problem but might be worth a try: - Closed all Office programs - Renamed "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033" to .OLD - Opened up Word and click File > Save & Send o This prompted an installer which recreated a new 1033 folder with a new MSMAPI32.DLL within it - Closed and Reopened Word – I could then Save & Send, from FM also
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    You can put a portal inside a popover and a popover inside a patrol. Hover just like you can't out a portal in a portal, you can't put a popover inside another popover. Hence it's not possible to put a portal inside a popover that is already inside another portal. Or put a popover inside a portal that is already inside another popover. (Wow that was a mouth full.)
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