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    The FileMaker Platform is a workplace innovation platform that welcomes and includes code & tech from anywhere. Pause[x]include is an Unconference for people who are blazing trails in this new inclusive world, defined by FileMaker and X, where X = javascript, web services, big data, IOT & just about anything else you can imagine. Bring your cross-device multi-lingual apps & tech to Tulum, an ancient center of trade, commerce, culture and ideas, and join Unconference sessions that welcome you to share in your own language: English, Spanish, Japanese, JSON, NoSQL, Python, etc. Simultaneous translation is available from multilingual translators via multiple chat channels. Limited ticket sales are scheduled to begin Monday January 14th at noon EDT (New York, Tulum). Special reduced-price tickets will be available in limited quantities for International Students currently enrolled in classes or internships. Pause[x]include will make special efforts to welcome people from around the world, and people who may have no current experience with the FileMaker Platform. Pause[x]include is a Pause on Error event, hosted by SmallCo. Visit the Pause[x]include site for ticket sales and to volunteer to help lead this Unconference.
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