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    Please try this version, it includes the latest FileMaker JDBC driver: http://s3.dualstack.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/com.prosc.support.uploads/Outbound/360Works MirrorSync 4.008011.zip?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIDQUCQL7APZLJCDA&Expires=1524257288&Signature=KHb%2FT3E%2FrOiTCo7Z2N6%2FgX7qrMI%3D
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    I find that in general layouts designed for GO or WebD always look fine on the desktop (not always true the the other way around!) My default design paradigm is to always use the Touch themes even for desktop layouts. This keeps the layout duplication to a minimum. Keep in mind there are aways exceptions where you will have to have duplicate layouts for Go and Desktop based on other demands (or workflow).
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    You can make the If( left( $term; 1 ) = "e"; "an "; "a " ) into a custom function: function repl_term( _term ) Case( Left( _term; 1 ) = "e"; "an "; Left( _term; 1 ) = "a"; "an "; Left( _term; 1 ) = "i"; "an "; Left( _term; 1 ) = "o"; "an "; Left( _term; 1 ) = "u"; "an "; "a " ) & _term And then do Substitute( $text; "<<subst1>>"; repl_term( $term ) )
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    @wickerman: Try using your checkbox as the primary key in a relationship to the difficulty field in a TO of your Questions table. A Go To Related Records script step should give you all the records which match the checked boxes.
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    Hey Josh, No need to respond. I think I may have figured this out and so far, it all works beautifully. Cheers!
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    Where is your actual script? How are you triggering the script? Can you show us your file or a simple example file? There will need to be a second step in the script so you can stop in debugger and look at the variable contents before the script ends. Since you are using a script variable ( single $ variable) it will always be empty after the script runs. While this is something you should be able to do successfully - in real life, what do you want to do with $fieldName?
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    The Women of FileMaker organization is sponsoring a Pause On Error FileMaker Conference May 7th-8th in New Orleans. More information at the website: https://www.pauseonerror.com/ Steven H. Blackwell
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    I've attached two examples of custom login forms that will specify a database to be logging into, with and without a guest login option. I *think* you can also do this via a URL, embedding the login information, using the same parameters as in the form. This is going back quite a ways now and my memory isn't 100% on all of it. Note you can also use javascript redirects in the iwp resources pages (login + logout) to rewrite the login and logout page URLs based on the (sub)domain being used to access, to avoid the default pages. - John loginforcedatabase.html loginwithguestforcedatabase.html
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    Look closer at the Divisor part of that calc, I think you'll spot the problem.
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    I believe we've seen this and its fix is being incorporated into our next Plastic update. Our developers are working on the update now and I expect it to be out soon. I'll be curious to see if we see this error is the next release (Plastic 3.09). Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'll make a general post when the release is out.
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    You should try it with button bars. That will not only let you conditionally format the text, but also the icon of the button -- but possibly even more useful, you can calculate the text of the button, and use text formatting in the calculation. You wouldn't necessarily even display the field itself, just use the buttons to set the response.
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    This is called either Audit or Modification file. There are a ton of examples through out the internet and here. site: fmforums.com audit Here is a link to some youtube videos https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=audit+file+in+filemaker HTH Lee
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    Hi beckham, This need comes up from time to time. Here is a recent thread that may help. https://fmforums.com/topic/99647-category-and-sub-category/#comment-453607 I linked to example files to this link. Let us know if this isn't what you meant. Lee
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    I have done exactly this, although using Windows tablets. You need to think differently... As you discovered FMServer will disconnect, so you need a solution that does not need to maintain a permanent connection to FMS. 1. Run a local datafile on iPad to collect the sign ins. 2. Connect to FMS only when you have some data to send - maybe as soon as employee has signed in, OR, 3. Connect to FMS using an OnTimer script - maybe every 5 minutes so the iPad doesn't stop users signing in immediately after the last employee. 4. If the connect to FMS fails then error trap and just wait to have another go. In my solution I refined the sign in so that OnTimer script was removed whilst signing in to prevent connection to FMS, then restart OnTimer once sign in complete. I have this working in a 200 employee company spread across 3 main building and 6 sign in tablets and there is high demand at shift starts/ends. The tablets are working 24x7 and are resilient to network failures and server offline events. They even run during power outs as the tablet are all battery powered. It can be done!
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    Oh OK, right well I've updated again. Had to just create a new Value list that shows the correct staff. You can see it in the list of Value Lists. I also renamed all the table occurrences in the graph using standard anchor-buoy naming conventions so they weren't all called Office 2, Staff 2 etc. Assets.fmp12
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    Does this work all right for you? Testing2.zip
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    Result is a result object or an error object depending on how your query went - you should take a look at the documentation. <?php $findCommand = $fm3->newFindCommand('Exhibitor Search'); $findCommand->addSortRule('ExhibitorSearchSort' ,1,FILEMAKER_SORT_ASCEND); $result = $findCommand->execute(); /*After the find, check if it's an error. If it is, die with the message... obviously don't do this if this is a production environment*/ if( FileMaker::isError($result) ){ echo $result->getCode().": ".$result->getMessage(); die(); } /* Retrieve array of record objects from the result object. These are already sorted by your ExhibitorSearchSort field */ $records = $result->getRecords(); /* Loop through the record object and manipulate using the commands you have available... Again look at the documentation. Most likely, you're after field values. */ foreach($records as $record){ echo $record->getField("Name of Some field on the exhibitor search layout")." "; } Hope that's of some help - this is the quickest way to find the methods available and the return types for each fm function call: http://jonathanstark.com/filemaker_api_for_php_documentation.php
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