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    i can't remember if horizontal alignment works on wd - but in order to only show one or two rows of text you could use padding so that you don't see partial cut off text.
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    you could count the length of the field - and have a "...read more" popover -
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    Lots of ways of approaching this. Why not have a button in the list view of locations that only shows when the Foreign key is empty. Use the 'Hide Object When' feature in the inspector. The button would be labelled 'Add Item'. When you click that button it opens a card window based on the items layout, creates a new record with the correct key to relate to the location, and allows the user to fill in the description. When they close that window, ensure that the keys are correct in both tables. Since the Foreign key in the location will now be populated, the button will disappear. You can therefore make the name of the item non-editable for all rows in the list view of locations. Does that make sense?
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    Hi JMart You could design your solution to work in WebDirect, and therefore use any modern supported browser to access your FileMaker solution. Doesn't matter what platform so long as the browser is supported. FYI, iPad 6th Gen are under $300 each I believe, not sure what you would expect to pay for other devices, but an iPad in a robust desktop bracket/stand would be under $400.
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    We're happy to announce: #FileMaker Icon Replacements – dotfmp.berlin 2018-Edition https://www.herrfriedrich.com/de/goodies/ Right in time for whatever comes next…
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    Ok. they got onto it for which I am really grateful. turns out error capture in scribe is not a script step its a calculation...which I actually worked out how to use. thanks 360works for responding
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    When the MirrorSync process receives a download request, it: * Pauses the database * Duplicates it into the OS temp directory. If you selected the empty clone option when creating the MirrorSync download URL, then an empty structure-only clone is also created. There is not a way to change the location currently, if you need that we can get you a quote for customizing that. * Resumes the database * Sends the duplicate to the client with gzip compression * Deletes the duplicate (on Windows. With Mac, we don't have permission to delete the duplicates because we are not running as the same user as FMS).
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    Many times I will come up with an abstract index of "actions" - create a calculation on the table where that will result in a simple number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc then use that value to make your hide object when condition work - or other formatting conditions, or even branches in your scripts based on the value. isAction = 1 then hide isAction =2 format icon green etc. Remember you can set the hide object when calc to use a "LET" notation to declare $$variables since "hide" feature needs to execute very quickly it's one of the first things that is evaluated - so by the time the window draws you can use that $$var to format or hide elements or even display a merge variable on the layout.
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    Hi, Use below script step on layout enter script trigger: Go to Field [ YourTable::YourField ] [ Select/perform ]
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    Well wait a minute … words can be turned to repetitions and repetitions can be imported as records so … how about this way? I got this idea from you, LOL. It must be a full moon. update: I replaced the file. I had neglected to specify 'perform auto-enter' during the import. It is corrected now. TestMODr.fp7.zip
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