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    I don't understand the question. It seems to me like you've already identified what needs to be done. I would recommend breaking it down and getting one portion working at a time, doing whatever research/experimenting you need to figure out each step. If you searched through the help file, I think you'd find you can piece this together. For your first step "Open Find" for example, you might want to read this: https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/16/fmp/en/#page/FMP_Help%2Ffind-request.html. The reference section of the help is useful for exploring what script steps are available: https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/16/fmp/en/#page/FMP_Help%2Fscript-steps-category.html%23 Here is some more general help on writing a script: https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/16/fmp/en/#page/FMP_Help%2Fscripts.html%23
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    DXF being a text based format (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AutoCAD_DXF), it's trivial to write a DXF file with FileMaker. The challenge will be building the commands for DXF so it comes out as intended. Considering you can already create SVG, and you're looking to convert the SVG into a DXF I'd use a commandline converter (ie, using BaseElements to invoke the commandline converter from FileMaker) such as https://www.coolutils.com/CommandLine/TotalCADConverter. I just googled for it, and have no experience whatsoever with it.
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    Hi Otter, I just got off of the phone with him, and he stated that, although he works with DXF he has never worked with it using FileMaker. Lee
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    Here's a demo. However, there is no check to see if there already is a record with the stat for this player (that is, no check for duplicates). Also, what happens if you add a stat? You'd need a script to add that stat to the players_stats table for each player. xydudyax.fmp12
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    You will have to script record creation. You can either place a portal on the layout and go to that object or you can go to the native layout and create a records there. I recommend learning about ERDs. You can use Google, there are tons of examples out there.
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    http://filemakerinventoryresources.com But I agree, I don't think you realize that this is quite a complex system you might need.
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    I've asked my fair share of questions and received tons of help on the forums. But in this case, with an inventory tracking database, bar codes, multiple users (server?), syncing data-it's quite complicated. If it were me, I would consider looking for a FileMaker developer to, at the very least, set this up to get the ball rolling. Proper fields/calculations & relationships are a must. You could spend a huge amount of time going down the wrong path, only to have to start over. I'm not saying you couldn't figure it out, with some help here, and everything will be fine. I'm saying I would at least want the initial (proper) structure set up, and know it's correct.
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    Save your json to a variable, like $requestData, then add this curl option: --data @$requestData Here is a useful post on the topic: https://community.filemaker.com/docs/DOC-8025
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    Greatly! Got me to where I figured it out. I added a third relation between the two tables and added a auto-field which filtered the statuses automatically. Thanks!
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    Hi becham, I would do this with a Conditional Formatting if you only want to view them. Example file shows two different colors, one for past and one for future of the target date. You could use the same color for both fields AnyDate represents your date field (you mentioned in your post). Flag.fmp12
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    Use the Date( ) function to create dates 56 days before and after your expiry date, and use that in the Set Field script step. The Date( ) function takes care of months and years all by itself. Enter Find Mode [ ] Set Field [YourTable::ExpiryDate; Let( [~theDate = YourTable::ExpiryDate; ~start = Date(Month(~theDate); Day(~theDate)-56; Year(~theDate)); ~end = Date(Month(~theDate);Day(~theDate)+56; Year(~theDate)) ]; ~start & "..." & ~end ) Perform Find [ ]
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    H Kyre and welcome to the FM Forums, First question (provided someone who has used "WooCommerce" in this manner already jumps in) is, what formats does WooCommerce import and export?
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    I used the GetAsNumber function to save a pile of parsing out brackets. This resulted in expected behavior for numbers: FileMaker strips leading and trailing zeros from numbers. Add the following lines to the script Set Variable [$lat; Value:GetAsNumber(Right ($currVal ; $valLength -$firstComma ))] #--------Add these lines after above current line in script--------- If [Abs ( $lat ) <1 and $lat < 0] Set Variable [$lat; Value:Substitute ( $lat ; "-" ; "-0" )] End If If [Abs ( $lat ) <1 and $lat > 0] Set Variable [$lat; Value:"0" & $lat] End If #------------------end add lines-------------------------- Set Variable [$output; Value:$output & "[" & $lat & "," & $long & "],¶"] This works only because FileMaker is quite sloppy about typecasting numbers and text.
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    Hi muskee You need to add accounts to Database B with exactly the same username and password as you have in Database A. That way, FileMaker will try to open Database B with whatever name/password was used to open Database A and show the data without asking for login. If there is not a matching account in database B, then you will be asked for login credentials. There is no way to tell FileMaker to use a specific name/password when opening a file that is referenced in 'Manage -> External Data Sources', you have to do what I describe above.
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    Two ideas: Create another field, type text, with an auto-enter calc = getastext(barcode_graphic). Set that field's validation to unique. or Create another field, type text, with an auto-enter calc = Base64Encode ( barcode_graphic ). Set that field's validation to unique.
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    Open the Conditional Formatting on the balance, and change the the purple (the color of the text in the rest of the layout) to Green.
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