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    Hi beckham, This need comes up from time to time. Here is a recent thread that may help. https://fmforums.com/topic/99647-category-and-sub-category/#comment-453607 I linked to example files to this link. Let us know if this isn't what you meant. Lee
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    Do you want it to always highlight the top title when you move to those layouts? You need to write out what you want it to do when you go to the layout. Then write the script to match that. If you do want the 2 layouts to highlight the top title every time you go to those layouts, then you don't need the variable at all. Just perform the script without the If..End If. And without the variable. You haven't been clear about exactly what you want to happen, so I'm guessing a little.
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    Hi Josh, I am ever so grateful for the file and the added code. This one really had me stuck but I see how you've done this. I'll add it to my existing file and let you know how it all pans out. Once again, you came through and I thank you. Have a great day!
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    The formatting is already handled by the Highlight script you have. Actually, the process you want is already in place. The "OnRecordSave - Highlight Created Portal Row" script does what you want. Currently, the script trigger is on the entry field with an OnRecordSave trigger. You can use that same script to select and set the record as the active record on the layout. Nothing will be created, because there is nothing saved in that creation portal. So now you need to figure out when you want that trigger to run. OnLayoutLoad Only the first time the layout loads. Something else. For #1, that get get tricky if you have any scripts that leave the layout and come back. So I wouldn't advise that one. For #2: use the OnFirstWindowOpen trigger to set a global variable. In your script to go to the TV Pitch layout, test for that variable. If it exists, run that OnRecordSave script. It will do what you want. Then clear that variable. The next time your script to go to the TV Pitch layout, that variable won't be there, and it won't select the newest record every time.
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    I just updated the site to PHP7 and this should really improve performance. Please let me know your experience!
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    OK the site is now functioning on PHP7.2 was crazy to get it to work but were here - FULL SPEED AHEAD
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    Hi Gilbert, There's a tiny box when you double-click the script step (Perform Script on Server) called "optional script parameters": That is where you need to enter your parameter. It could be a variable ($variable) or just text in quotes. Don't forget that you can't debug on the server, so you'll want to add error trapping very often and send yourself a mail if something can fail. Also, you might want to Exit the server script with a parameter, if you need to pass it back to your original script: Exit Script (parameter). And in your original script then you'll have to get that parameter back by: Get (ScriptResult). Hope this helps, Agi
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    I know seeing examples was one of the best ways for me to learn. Just happy to return the favor.
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    Hi Peter Don't know if this is helpful, but the FMP for connections client, needs to connect to the server within 15 min. before you get the dialog, requiring you to enter the address to a server. So, it seems that the client gets disconnected from the server, either with app nap or something else. While the client is disconnected, the timer in the FMP client starts ticking until it reaches 15 min. However, I have not seen the issue you describe, where you get the message, before the client tries to reconnect to the open files. I am wondering if the server version has a play in this ? - thinking about if it is the newest version of 15 or 16 ? The other issue you describe, is something I see almost daily and I agree it is annoying. I discussed it with a PM and an engineer about a year ago, and they seemed that they knew about it, but they didn't have any easy fix. Since then, I have not pushed it as a bug in order to get it fixed, so maybe we should do that. But, there is actually a way to make this issue much less of an issue... if you un-check the extended privileges set for "Required re-login after X min. of sleep". This way, you are not prompted to login again and the client just reconnect to the server. The places I have implemented this, it takes the issue away in about 90% of the cases.
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    Since going to FMS 15 (Win 2008 R2), I often get a webDirect style timeout on the admin console. I used to be able to leave it running and come back to it. Any suggestions? admin console time out.tiff
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