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    Go back to the email you got with your FM18 license details. The links to the downloads will point to the latest full installer so that you don't have to install v1 first and then upgrade. If you don't have that email anymore, contact your FM sales person and they can send it again.
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    If they didn't change it, then you have two options: import an XML response, or get a JSON response and parse it. I suggest you try the JSON route first: for testing, define a global text field, then use the Insert From URL script step to place the response in this field. The URL needs to be calculated from your address fields - something like: "http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/geocode/json?address=" & Substitute ( List ( Street ; City ; State ; Country ) ; [ " " ; "+" ] ; [ ¶ ; "+" ] ) & "&key=YOUR_API_KEY" This should populate the global field with a JSON response like the one shown here. Then you can parse out the latitude using: JSONGetElement ( YourTable::gTestfield ; "results[0]geometry.location.lat" ) and, of course, for longitude change the last key to "lon". Once you have it all working, you can replace the global test field with a script variable. --- Caveat: the response may contain more than one address; you should test for this and, if necessary, let the user select the correct one.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Wim Decorte and I are pleased to release an Addendum to our recent White Paper entitled How FileMaker Developers Can Extend Authentication Options With New Additional OAuth2 Identity Providers In The FileMaker Platform. This Addendum has some additional technical details for FileMaker Platform developers and server administrators. It also has two Case Studies about where variations of these techniques are in place.


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    Also, the images on your layouts appear fairly small, yet some images are much larger than they need to be (I found one that is 1644x1380). By resizing your images to the max size your DB uses, you reduce the filesize significantly. Also make sure you use something like 80%-85% compression as the quality of the images doesn't justify any higher. Your max image size doesn't need to be higher than 650x455 pixels at 85% compression. The mentioned image original size was 287kB and went to 98kB at 640x540 with 85% compr. Considering that 50% of your images can loose around 200kB each, you'd be looking at a reduction of around 15MB. If there are duplicate images, you can loose more fat by using a separate image table and using a relationship.
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    Sorry, I can't do your debugging for you. The only thing I can add to my previous answer is that the following statement: SELECT "Customer Name", SUM("Invoice Total") FROM "Invoices" WHERE "Invoice Sub Total" > 0 AND "InvoiceMonth" = 10 AND "InvoiceYear" = 2019 AND ("Job Status" <> 'Giveaway' OR "Job Status" IS NULL) GROUP BY "Customer Name" works fine for me. Here you can see it applied to your file, after escaping and replacing the hard-coded criteria with arguments:
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    Depends a little on when you fire this calculation. If it will fire each time a user visits the dashboard then some of it doesn't make sense since last month's numbers will not have changed from one visit to the other. So you don't need to recalculate those numbers over and over through SQL, If you feel you need to use SQL because you are constrained to the Dashboard context. You can calculate these numbers at night in a server-side schedule, at the end of the month using non-SQL functionality. The same applies to the current month's numbers, except if the users expect those to be accurate to the minute.
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    Got the following from my Office 365 tenant today...looks like I will be unable to do "basic" (normal) authenitication for IMAP using the 360Works Email plugin to Office 365 mailboxes starting 10/13/2020. I don't see any mention of OAuth in the current documentation for the Mail plugin, so I'm assuming it doesn't yet exist.... Is 360Works working on adding OAuth functionality to the Email plugin? Thanks, John
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