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    Create a data entry form use some global fields when you hit the button to add new invoice to the vendor you set the VendorID to a global field then have the user enter the invoice number in another global field use these fields as predicates to the invoice table and do a test to see if Count ( invoice::uuid ) ≠ 1 then it would be safe to add this invoice. The goal here is enter the values in to globals and validate before you actually create the record. alternatively you could create a concatenated field VendorID & "-" & InvoiceNo and then GlobalVendorID &"-"& GlobalInvoiceNo then relate these fields and single equal join link between them
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    Careful with that, a text field behaves differently than a number field. If your users (or your scripts) are using that field for searches then searching for 1 will also yield 10, 11, 100,... And sorting will behave differently too. So if you were relying on that field acting as a number then you are better off leaving it as a number and using a 'shadow' filed as I mentioned.
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    Yes, it is expected behavior. Under the hood, FM tracks most things by ID and not by name, So when you paste code (fields, scripts,...) and it has references to other objects then FM will match them up by ID, which may or may not be the field or script you intended.
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    welcome to the forums a field can't have two types of style formatting applied with regard to entry - or drop down you may stack two of the same fields and use hide object when logic to hide the field based on you yes/no field.
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    I hear ya. Integrating with anything comes at a cost. You can either build or buy. If you build, you bear the responsibility of keeping track of the FedEx changes, make sure you get early notifications and spend some time on those. If you buy you have to do vendor risk management: is the vendor quick to support, are in for the long haul... decisions, decisions...
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    I am not sure if this is possible with plastic, you can use it with a mag stripe reader connected via USB. At this time i don't believe Plastic will work with CHIP readers or NFC readers. Some merchant terminals may have some sort of api where that device after payment capture happens you click a button on the computer that which knows the device id and your api key you do a request to there merchant api and get back a result from the recent transaction, including the payment approved amount or if it was declined etc.
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    Your best bet is to use the FedEx APIs instead of xDBC. Their APIs are great and extensive, and FM happens to be really good at consuming APIs.
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    Then again they have two options: 1. Define a calculation field = If ( Status = "Verified" ; TransactionID ) and define the value list to use values from this field; 2. Use a relationship to filter only verified transactions, and define the value list to include only related values from this relationship. The exact details depend on where they need this value list (and in most cases there will be more than one way to set this up).
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