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    That option is hidden unless you hover the mouse over the post. Perhaps that should be always visible?
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    You can use plug-ins to make simple modifications to Word documents, but if you need something more flexible, use these techniques. Here's the full article: http://www.filemakerforever.com/articles/139
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    I'm having similar problems with Adjust Window in v17 (Mac)—the layouts won't resize even with Adjust Window [Resize to Fit] entered in a resizing script mulitple times. It also acts flaky between user privileges, too--Admin, no problem, but any other privilege and it won't work correctly. I found a temporary way around the problem by creating a standalone script that has just one instruction: Adjust Window [Resize to Fit]. So, in the resizing scripts I have, I've replaced the instruction Adjust Window with Perform Script [Resize_to_Fit] and that works.
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