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  1. Hello, a bit of advertising today, but it's worth it As you may know, Claris has just announced the release of FileMaker Server on Linux. It's not just another supported operating system, it's a revolution for FileMaker hosting. At 1-more-thing, we have once again invested a lot of energy to bring you an outstanding service for a great price. It is now cheaper to have a server in the cloud than in your own premises, and the service that goes with it is simply incredible. Support, backups, updates, monitoring... I can say it all the more easily since I am not di
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  2. most excellent design. very clean.
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  3. I don't think it's possible to have exactly what you ask for; however, there are two almost perfect workarounds. 1. Why I believe it's impossible It is imposible because of the order in which actions happen. When a popover is open, and you click anywhere outside of the popover, two things will happen: first, the popover will close; then - and only then - the click will be executed: if you clicked on the layout's background, the popover will close and the record will be committed; if you clicked in a field, the popover will close and the field will be activated; if
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  4. The difference between this: https://www.claris.com/pricing/ and: https://store.claris.com/individuals is embarrassing, to say the least. And I see no mention of a store anywhere on the main site.
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