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    Have a look at the attached file. It has two report layouts, one with a trailing grand summary and one without. If you sort the records and enter Preview mode, you should see this: in the layout without a trailing grand summary and this: in the layout with the grand summary part. BlankSpaceColor.fmp12
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    A solution to the original problem! Huzzah! And I really like a more thorough enumeration of the difficulties getting FileMaker to work with the null character. However, null-terminated strings are generally avoided whenever possible these days. Despite the other awkward handling of the null character, FileMaker is probably not using null-terminated strings under the hood, either in the calculation engine or in field storage: Let ( [ _null = Base64Decode ( "AA==" ) ; _string = "a" & _null & "a" ] ; Position ( _string ; _null ; 1 ; 1 ) // = 2 )
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