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    You can see what's in the container field easily by looking at the result of GetContainerAttribute() in Data Viewer or a calculation field. However, I think at this point it is clear that something is malfunctioning on your system. It could be a bad installation or there's something extra that interferes with the Adobe Reader embedded in the FMPA application. Try the advice offered here, and if that doesn't help, try re-installing.
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    When you say you cannot insert a PDF in Record 2 - what exactly does that mean? Is the menu option greyed out, or is it enabled and you just don't see a result of the action?
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    Why do you think that would help? I have Adobe Reader installed on my Mac and I experience no such problem. I believe those two fields are one and the same field. If you changed the large one to be interactive, that should be the only difference between them (apart from the reduce/enlarge format). So it would seem that you are able to insert a PDF into an interactive field, but you're unable to interact with it.
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    Quick way to convert non-interactive PDF's to interactive.... https://www.teamdf.com/blogs/change-containers-from-files-to-interactive-content-in-an-instant/
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    I am somewhat confused, because first you said you could not insert a PDF in my file - but later you said: I know for sure that the container in my file is interactive, so that doesn't add up. I am also not sure what do you see in the container, if you can't see the PDF. Do you see an icon and /or the file name? I don't like recommending it, but if my file doesn't work as expected on your system, then there's something wrong with your system. Do you have any plugins installed?
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    Please try the attached file: 1. Are you able to see and interact with the PDF file in the 1st record? 2. Are you able to insert a PDF in the 2nd record, using any of the following methods: Selecting Insert > PDF… from the menu; Right-clicking in the field and selecting Insert PDF… Using the provided script. Also, did you update your FMPA to the latest version (17.0.4)? InteractiveContainer.fmp12.zip
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    If it is important to not have empty records in the values table, then you should attack this on two fronts: In terms of data integrity, you should validate the field as not empty so that the user will be forced to either enter a value or delete the record; In terms of user interface, you can make the user experience smoother by either showing a custom dialog presenting the choices, or just have a script trigger automatically delete the underlying record upon detecting that the field is empty - without requiring any action from the user.
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    The answer is no. The object name must be hard-coded. Once again, it would be better to ask about your real goal, not about the way you think is best to accomplish it - see: http://xyproblem.info/
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