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    Hello, You would need to make use of the MimeMessage class's setHeader() function. You can set the e-mail as plain text with call msg.setheader("Content-Type", "text/plain") https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12511744/custom-mail-headers-using-mime-in-java You may also need to specify "text/plain" as the second parameter in your [body object].setBody() call. The proper key to set an Unsubscribe List is "List-Unsubscribe". At the link below, someone applies it, and also includes a loop the prints all the headers to the console. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/21959235/javamail-api-listing-header-doesnt-work You can probably set a list of headers to a return variable to test out your function call, something like: String headersList; Enumeration headers = msg.getAllHeaders(); while (headers.hasMoreElements()) { Header header = (Header) headers.nextElement(); headersList += "\n" + header.getName() + ": " + header.getValue()); } return headersList;
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    No, that is not correct. You can set a global in a table in another file, as long as you have TO to that table in the file that runs the script.
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    And the old "prefixing with a g < > global field" - check the storage setting!
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    You are asking us to debug two scripts we cannot see. The best you're going to get is a guess. Why don't you use the debugger along with the Data Viewer to locate the exact point of failure? In general, I would say that if a script sets a global field to a value and the global field is still empty, then the most likely causes are : the value is empty; you're setting the wrong field; you're reading the wrong field; the user setting the field is not the user reading the field. Since you say you have moved the target table from an external file, the "wrong field" theory (as in "wrong TO") seems the most likely.
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    I'm not quite sure I follow the part where you try to establish temporary relationships. Some thoughts: - passing information between scripts: using script parameters is a good way to do that, that's what it is there for. But setting global fields should work too - you do not need a relationship to set global fields in a different table; if that is what you are doing then you can scrap the whole mechanism. You can set a global field anywhere at any time, without a relationship.
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    You could use a Button Bar with 6 Segments that calc their button segment labels using… GetValue ( SampleData::Text_Field ; Index/LineNumber ) …and “Hide (Segment) object when” IsEmpty ( GetValue ( SampleData::Text_Field ; Index/LineNumber ) ) Then add a parameter (1-6) to each segment…that you read into your script using Get ( ScriptParameter ). Use the GetValue function to map back to the course code
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    Hi Dellana Since you seem so new to all this, and may be approaching this the wrong way, I did you a little sample file so you can take a look at how it might be done. Hope it helps. Checkbox.fmp12
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