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    Hi Josh, - rolling back is a big job - Recovery Mode etc. Was a brave move I admit - albeit a silly one. Thats OK - it only seems to be FM17 affected by the change. FM16 is working well. Thanks for posting.
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    OS/browser security, antivirus will likely all complain. If you could do it, hackers etc could do it just the same.
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    Editor is THE rich-text editing tool for FileMaker. It is familiar for users and flexible for developers. Editor provides a full-suite of text-formatting tools for writing projects such as notes and blog posts. The formatting is saved, and can be retrieved for further editing. Editor is the best way to provide formatted text for FileMaker. The post Editor: The Rich-Text Editor Add-On For FileMaker appeared first on Geist Interactive. View the full article
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    For 17, when you click "Hosts" ( renamed from "Remote" ), you will get the Hosts window. In the upper right, is a document icon with "...". Click that.
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