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    You don't provide much context about what you expect to happen. Just based on looking at your file, I'm curious as to why you chose this path of 2 relationships to dashboard via a 'Constant' (1). This is more of an outdated approach as now you can use the Cartesian relationship to do the same thing. I guess your goal is to display what is due for retest and what is about to expire on your dashboard? It might be easier just to ditch all the relationship hoops and use 2 self join relationships with filtered portals. As a side note, you may want a rolling expirations/retest dates, so on the last day of the month you know what's happening tomorrow. Modified file Retest_ExpiryModSM.fmp12 Edit: I see doug posted the same time as me :)...2 different approaches.
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    See if this helps Retest_Expiry_dh.fmp12
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    DXF being a text based format (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AutoCAD_DXF), it's trivial to write a DXF file with FileMaker. The challenge will be building the commands for DXF so it comes out as intended. Considering you can already create SVG, and you're looking to convert the SVG into a DXF I'd use a commandline converter (ie, using BaseElements to invoke the commandline converter from FileMaker) such as https://www.coolutils.com/CommandLine/TotalCADConverter. I just googled for it, and have no experience whatsoever with it.
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    Hi Otter, I just got off of the phone with him, and he stated that, although he works with DXF he has never worked with it using FileMaker. Lee
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    Here's a demo. However, there is no check to see if there already is a record with the stat for this player (that is, no check for duplicates). Also, what happens if you add a stat? You'd need a script to add that stat to the players_stats table for each player. xydudyax.fmp12
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    You will have to script record creation. You can either place a portal on the layout and go to that object or you can go to the native layout and create a records there. I recommend learning about ERDs. You can use Google, there are tons of examples out there.
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    I have a copyright runtime in FM. You send in the scripts you have written. Hope this helps Lionel
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