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    A Forward Look About FileMaker Platform Security Developers and users of the FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform must be concerned about security of their deployed solutions. Likewise, they must have a forward-looking perspective about key issues in this arena. Security has its major purpose the preservation of Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, and Resilience (CIAR) of their systems. Liabilities resulting from breaches can substantially affect continued business operations, continued business existence, imposition of civil or criminal sanctions, brand reputation, and customer or client confidence. I see at least ten security concerns that the FileMaker Developer Community must consider going forward for the next few years and development cycles: The Business of Security: What Is Security Supposed To Do? Zero Trust implementation for the FileMaker Platform [https://fmforums.com/blogs/entry/2047-federated-identity-management-zero-trust-and-the-filemaker-platform/] Federated Identity Management and the end of FileMaker Accounts in files Native Multi-Factor Authentication (not SMS) Further implementation of Secure by Default and Rule of Least Privileges for the FileMaker Platform Expansion of Roles-Based Construct in the FileMaker Platform SaaS Security Implementation for the FileMaker Platform Building a Culture of Security in the FileMaker Developer Community Building a Culture of Security among the FileMaker Customer Base The Coming Regulatory and Political Onslaught Against the Tech Sector So as we go through the just-started FileMaker, Inc. Fiscal Year running up to the next version release and the 2019 DevCon, we should keep these elements in mind. Steven H. Blackwell, Platinum Member Emeritus, FileMaker Business Alliance
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    Hi Dave - we’re working on a change to MirrorSync to include our own Java, separately from whatever else is installed for the operating system. For now, it might be necessary to stick with Oracle java for a month or so.
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    I believe it was for this reason that the Get(ActiveRecordNumber) function was added in version 17 (although it still doesn't work in List view without refreshing the object). If you're using version 16, you will have to create a script that does: Set Variable [ $$activeRecordID; Value:Get (RecordID) ] Refresh Object [ Object Name: "myButton" ] and trigger it to run OnRecordLoad. Then give your button an object name and make it hide when: $$activeRecordID ≠ Get (RecordID)
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    Many developers use a script that runs on opening the file to populate some global variables. You'd probably not want to do this with current date or time, but it is convenient for values stored as preferences that need to be accessible from any context.
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    Unfortunately, this is not as simple. Over the years, a number of approaches have been proposed, with varying levels of efficiency in different scenarios. There was an interesting thread comparing the performances, but sadly it can no longer be found - see: https://fmforums.com/topic/98609-missing-thread/ An interesting approach was suggested recently by Alex Zueiv on another forum, which I have simplified to: Let ( [ combined = UniqueValues ( List ( UsedValues ; AllValues ) ) ] ; RightValues ( combined ; ValueCount ( combined ) - ValueCount ( UsedValues ) ) ) I haven't tested this against alternative solutions.
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    I would start by substituting "+" and "," with ¶. Then loop over the resulting values. If the current value contains "-", create the intermediate values and add them to the result. Otherwise add the value to the result.
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    The reversed question mark is just a placeholder for an invisible character. It could be any character. The Code() function returning 0 is a much better indication. The null character is a well-known pest in text pasted from external sources. Unfortunately, getting rid of it is not entirely trivial, because in Filemaker Char ( 0 ) produces an empty string. Possible workarounds: paste the character into a global field; generate the character by: HexDecode ( "00" ); generate the character by: ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT DISTINCT CHR(0) FROM SomeTable" ; "" ; "" ); generate the character by: Base64Decode ( "AA==" ). Once you have the character, it's easy to substitute it out. -- P.S. I think I have discovered why your attempt to use GetAsURLEncoded() seemed to work: it's because the null characters are at the end of the string. If you place them in the middle, you will lose the text that follows them.
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    There are several options to consider. Much depends on how often you need to do this. If it's only now and then, then looping is not a bad choice, because it puts all the required logic in a script and avoids adding fields and relationships to the schema. Otherwise you could add a calculation field to the News table that wraps each story in a div element, and get them using either the List() function over a relationship or a summary field defined as List of [the calculation field].
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    Hi Caio, I agree with Comment. It is _very_ unusual to duplicate a table's records. Instead, why don't you simply duplicate the table occurrence? Select the table occurrence of the table you want from within the graph then click lower left the ++. With this duplicate table occurrence, you can place it elsewhere, such as connected to another table, and use the same records - no need to duplicate records at all! If you duplicate the records, such as using import into a new table, you run the risk that the records will never be up to date. If you explain why you feel you must duplicate the table, or explain what 'a look up search' means, as requested by Comment, then we could help you with a better method. Just an idea! And welcome to FMforums! 😀
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    So I deleted all the plugins and ran my install script again. I have attached a zip of the six 360Works log files created in tmp during the process of installing and attempting to enable. (They still did not enable.) I followed the link to the 360Works page you referenced, and recreated the support files. My Java is version 8 update 211. btw - I installed FM18 and the plugins on my 15" MacBookPro running 10.13.6, and the plugins enable just fine. But I have NO Java control panel on that computer. Hope the logs tell you something. Thank you, Dave 360Works tmp Logs.zip
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    Unstored calc can not be used on the child side of the relationship as a key field.
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    Use a button bar with one segment and calculate the name.
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    Those pre canned templates are just that. They are starter solutions. If you are trying to combine 2 of them, you will need to import all the tables, recreate the relationships, import the scripts, and create new layouts ( you can copy and paste from the other template ).
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    Your synopsis layout is based on Cabinet Library. Shouldn't you be using the 'Total Minutes for Door' field from Cabinet Library?
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    Well, then it is a rather simple matter of nesting (not concatenating) the operations. The Let() function is a convenient tool to do this while retaining readability. Consider something like: Let ( [ // REMOVE FORMATS text = TextFormatRemove ( Self ) ; // REMOVE LEADING & TRAILING PUNCTUATION text = LeftWords ( text ; WordCount ( text ) ) ; // EXPAND ABBREVIATIONS text = Substitute ( text ; [ "av " ; "avenue " ] ; [ "av. " ; "avenue " ] ; [ "ave. " ; "avenue " ] ; ... [ "str. " ; "strasse " ] ) ; // CORRECT CAPITALIZATIONS text = Substitute ( text ; [ " d'a" ; " d’A" ] ; [ " d'e" ; " d’E" ] ; [ " d'h" ; " d’H" ] ; ... [ "st-" ; "St-" ] ) ; // HANDLE WHITE SPACES text = Substitute ( text ; [ ¶ ; " " ] ; [ Char (9) ; " " ] ) ; text = TrimAll ( text ; 0 ; 0 ) ; lastSpace = Position ( text ; " " ; Length ( text ) ; - 1 ) ; text = If ( lastSpace ; Replace ( text ; lastSpace ; 1 ; Char (160) ) ; text ) ] ; text ) You can do any calculation inside a script; however, I can see no advantage to scripting this.
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    A self-join of your table would be convenient, say: Reservations::Date = Reservations 2::Date AND Reservations::TimeIn ≤ Reservations 2::TimeOut AND Reservations::TimeOut ≥ Reservations 2::TimeIn AND Reservations::ReservationID ≠ Reservations 2::ReservationID If there are any related records from Reservations 2, then there's a conflict.
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    It's true, it doesn't make a lot of sense given that once in Manage Security, you could simply change the password of a full access account, or create a new full access account, and then authenticate with that when closing the dialog. All the more reason to not use EA for full access!
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    Based on your original description, I would have expected a file like the one attached. Note the following points: The relationship is based on matching the TypeID and using = as the relational operator; There is no foreign key in the Types table; The selection of type is entered into a local field of the Cards table (which serves as the foreign key to the Types table); The actual type is displayed using a field from the Types table; if you rename a type in the Types table, you will see the change propagated to all cards using the renamed type. CardsDemo.fmp12
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    View File FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform Security Building Blocks The FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform has evolved over the past fifteen years since the release in 2004 of FileMaker® Pro 7 to encompass now a robust suite of security features to protect the Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, and Resilience of organizational data. This same set of Security Building Blocks also helps to provide protection to organizations from a wide variety of risks including business continuity, regulatory sanctions, criminal and civil liability, and reputational damage. Submitter Steven H. Blackwell Submitted 02/26/2019 Category White Papers FM Version 17  
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    WidgetStudio makes it easy to use, design and share powerful interface widgets, like calendars, gauges, charts, and timers. Pick from the constantly growing set of included widgets or build your own. Freely share them with your customers or friends. The post Announcing WidgetStudio – FileMaker WebViewer Widgets appeared first on Geist Interactive. View the full article
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    Unless I've overlooked it, a feature I'd really like to see added is some shutdown control for the remote production server. At present, 360Deploy appears to give connected users little to no notice that the DB is going offline when it runs. It would be pretty great if 360Deploy had options like these: (A) Scheduled process to migrate dev-->production will only execute if 0 connected users are logged in at that time; availableh options to delay migration by a user-defined length of time waiting for them to log out on their own (e.g. run this schedule at 2:00am but wait up to one hour until there are zero users logged in. Also don't let anyone else log in in the meantime; if after one hour there are still users lingering on the system, go to (B) below). (B) Scheduled or on-demand process to migrate dev-->production would allow a user-defined shutdown timer (e.g. 5 minutes) and a user-defined broadcast ("please log out, system is going down for scheduled maintenance; expected downtime is xyz minutes" etc) to give users a less abrupt experience. (C) Super-ideal would be timers and notices for the DEV server too since we sometimes have more than one developer working on the local dev file. Our system is accessed globally by a dev team and by end-users so there is no handy 'after hours" time of day/night where we can reliably know that there won't be someone connected on either side of the Migration flow. I realize those are icing-on-the-cake features but they sure would be welcome.
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    Try the following XSLT stylesheet: <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform" xmlns:atom="http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom" exclude-result-prefixes="atom"> <xsl:output method="xml" version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" indent="yes"/> <xsl:template match="/atom:feed"> <FMPXMLRESULT xmlns="http://www.filemaker.com/fmpxmlresult"> <!-- FIELDS --> <METADATA> <FIELD NAME="title"/> <FIELD NAME="link"/> <FIELD NAME="id"/> <FIELD NAME="published"/> <FIELD NAME="updated"/> <FIELD NAME="summary"/> <FIELD NAME="author_name"/> <FIELD NAME="author_uri"/> <FIELD NAME="category"/> <FIELD NAME="content"/> </METADATA> <!-- DATA --> <RESULTSET> <xsl:for-each select="atom:entry"> <ROW> <COL><DATA><xsl:value-of select="atom:title"/></DATA></COL> <COL><DATA><xsl:value-of select="atom:link/@href"/></DATA></COL> <COL><DATA><xsl:value-of select="atom:id"/></DATA></COL> <COL><DATA><xsl:value-of select="atom:published"/></DATA></COL> <COL><DATA><xsl:value-of select="atom:updated"/></DATA></COL> <COL><DATA><xsl:value-of select="atom:summary"/></DATA></COL> <COL><DATA><xsl:value-of select="atom:author/atom:name"/></DATA></COL> <COL><DATA><xsl:value-of select="atom:author/atom:uri"/></DATA></COL> <COL><DATA><xsl:value-of select="atom:category/@term"/></DATA></COL> <COL><DATA><xsl:value-of select="atom:content"/></DATA></COL> </ROW> </xsl:for-each> </RESULTSET> </FMPXMLRESULT> </xsl:template> </xsl:stylesheet>
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    If you see numbers with quotes in JSON it can mean only one of two possible things: They're not meant to be interpreted as numbers - e.g. phone numbers or ZIP codes; or: The JSON providers do not know what they're doing. In the latter case there may be justification to force the data type explicitly - though I would guess in most cases failing to do so will not cause any problems, since Fiiemaker will eventually do it for you implicitly. Fo example: JSONGetElement ( $json ; "text" ) * 2 returns 246, even though $json contains: { "text" : "123" }
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    The only way (that I know) to create an Access "backend", is to share it on a file share. That's not really a backend though. Access would be able to use a proper database (such as MSQL) as a backend and use Access as a front end though. FileMaker on the other hand has a proper server, through which databases can be accessed. MS Access has nothing that comes close. (not considering MSQL which is a different product). If the 'backend' is really a shared MS Access file, then it can only be accessed via a PC. Not by Mac or iPad. If you need something that can be accessed by all three platforms, FileMaker is a much better option. If the MS Access backend is really a MSQL server, then FM Go could be used on the iPad and FM Pro on Mac, but if you have to develop FM for iPad and Mac, and Access on PC, you might as well use the same FM DB that you developed for the Mac on PC. There's no redevelopment for that. What works on FM on Mac works on FM on Windows.
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    I think you're doing something wrong. The CryptAuthCode() computes a message authentication code. The length of the resulting code is constant, and does not depend on the length of the message. When using the SHA512 algorithm, the length of the code after encoding to Base64 should be 128. If you're getting 32, then your algorithm is probably MD5 or MDC2, not SHA512. Or perhaps your $$KEY variable is empty? Needless to say, a message authentication code is not the message, does not contain the message, and cannot be converted back to the message. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMAC
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    FileMaker is not a traditional backend/frontend architecture. As you mentioned, it's all included in a single file. However, you can separate the setup into multiple files. For example, data in one file, UI in another file. Also, using FileMaker Server to host the files is best practice. With that, users can connect remotely to the files using FileMaker's own network sharing protocol. There are some samples yes. If they are helpful to you will depend mainly on how complex of a solution you need. Inventory is typically complex. No way around that. https://www.filemaker.com/learning/custom-app-academy/ https://www.filemaker.com/custom-apps/resources/ You may find these resources helpful.
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    AFAIK, you just need to append: &t=3m38s to the URL.
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    If Month (studentDOB) returns an error, then my guess would be that studentDOB does not contain a valid date. What is a valid date is determined by the date format being used by the file: this could be either the format of the current system or the format of the system that first opened the file, as selected in File Options.
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    All 24U plug-ins are now code-signed for better security Prague, CZ — January 31, 2019 — 24U Software has released a new updates of all currently available 24U’s plug-ins for the FileMaker platform. The just released new versions of the following plug-ins are now code-signed for macOS, Windows, and iOS: - Gonector - 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In - 24U SimpleFile Plug-In - 24U Phone Companion Plug-In - 24U Phidgets Plug-In - 24U Simple Talk Plug-In - 24U Toolbox Plug-In - 24U SimpleSound Plug-In - 24U SimpleHASP Plug-In About code-signing Code-signing is a security feature that allows user to verify the identity of the plug-in’s publisher and that the plug-in has not been modified by maliciuous software such as virus. This is not only safer for everyone but also makes it easier to deploy solutions using 24U’s plug-ins in environments with strict security rules, where only code-signed software is allowerd to be installed. Code-signing is becoming one of security measuers required, by default, by the latest version of the macOS and Windows operating systems, so this update is recommended to all users in order to maintain better compatibility with future versions of the operating system and the FileMaker platform. About Gonector Gonector is a FileMaker plug-in that allows a native application for iPhone or iPad to communicate directly with mobile hardware devices. Being able to interact with professional mobile devices enables you to use the FileMaker platform to create a POS, Inventory and lots of other heavy-duty mobile business apps with friendly, fast, and reliable user interface. About 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In Display professionally looking custom input dialogs and progress dialogs. New version added Pause and Cancel buttons to progress dialogs and input dialogs for iOS. About 24U SimpleFile 24U SimpleFile Plug-In lets user FileMaker solutions easily access files stored anywhere on your hard drive, server, or network, allowing your users to keep their files and documents organized without ever leaving your solution’s user interface. About 24U Phone Companion Plug-In Robust telephony integration for FileMaker Pro. New version adds support for VOIP systems by directly controlling SNOM telephones. Make calls by clicking a button you avoid calling wrong numbers About 24U Phidgets Plug-In Control hardware devices and read environmental sensors, read & write low-frequency RFID tags. New version added support for VINT, stepper motor and more. About 24U Simple Talk Plug-In Custom internet client and server inside FileMaker Pro. Recently released new version added 64-bit support. About 24U Toolbox Plug-In Stable and reliable client & server-side plug-in providing a set of handy functions for your daily use, such as Execute SQL, running system scripts etc. New version adds support for iOS and FileMaker Cloud, and GetAsHTML. About 24U SimpleSound Plug-In Audio playback and MP3 ID3 metadata management. Latest version no longer depends on QuickTime and ID3 tags manipulation now works server-side. About 24U SimpleHASP Plug-In Secure hardware-aided protection of your data and intellectual property, using copy-protected USB dongles. New version is compatible with latest version of FileMaker and latest version of the Sentinel dongles. Availability of 24U Plug-ins All the updated 24U Plug-Ins are immediately available for download free of charge as fully functional 14-days trial versions, which can be activated after purchasing a license. More information: https://www.24usoftware.com About 24U Software With a team of full-time testers, web, plug-in, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android native app developers, and FileMaker certified developers, led by the FileMaker DevCon 2015 Developer Cup champion, 24U excels in taking care of existing FileMaker solutions, optimizing their performance, identifying and resolving potential issues and liabilities, improving reliability, stability and scalability, integrating them with other systems including various hardware devices, and extending them beyond expectation. As a platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, we help global businesses around the world to maintain sustainable growth by working with their in-house developers or completely taking care of the maintenance and development of their business solutions. Customer contact: HOnza Koudelka Software Division Manager, 24U s.r.o. sales@24usoftware.com http://www.24usoftware.com Press Contact: pr@24uSoftware.com ### (c)2019 24U s.r.o. All rights reserved. 24U, 24U Software, and FM Bench are trademarks of 24U s.r.o. FileMaker is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.
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    This is merely a screen refresh problem, and it would be best to address it as such: attach a script trigger to gReportDate, and have it do Refresh Window [Flush cached join result]. Otherwise Filemaker will be trying to minimize the CPU cycles (and network traffic, if the file is served). BTW, while this is an interesting problem, I doubt there's a human that can learn anything useful from looking at so much data at one - even with 1/10th of the records .
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    Hello all Here we've posted an example FileMaker 13/12 calendar. You can download it for free and use it in your own code. Go here to read blog post. Have fun! The igeeks
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    Most likely you're using a reference to the picture, as opposed to a copy in FileMaker.
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    When you say you cannot insert a PDF in Record 2 - what exactly does that mean? Is the menu option greyed out, or is it enabled and you just don't see a result of the action?
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    Quick way to convert non-interactive PDF's to interactive.... https://www.teamdf.com/blogs/change-containers-from-files-to-interactive-content-in-an-instant/
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    I am somewhat confused, because first you said you could not insert a PDF in my file - but later you said: I know for sure that the container in my file is interactive, so that doesn't add up. I am also not sure what do you see in the container, if you can't see the PDF. Do you see an icon and /or the file name? I don't like recommending it, but if my file doesn't work as expected on your system, then there's something wrong with your system. Do you have any plugins installed?
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    If it is important to not have empty records in the values table, then you should attack this on two fronts: In terms of data integrity, you should validate the field as not empty so that the user will be forced to either enter a value or delete the record; In terms of user interface, you can make the user experience smoother by either showing a custom dialog presenting the choices, or just have a script trigger automatically delete the underlying record upon detecting that the field is empty - without requiring any action from the user.
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    I've updated my computer from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro. My FileMaker Pro Advanced 11 does not launch. I get the message "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect." What's the solution for this issue? Update: I clicked on an fp7 file, and then Windows asked me to insert the FileMaker CD, which I did. Some files were quickly copied over, and everything works fine now!
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    That is indeed good news. I would suggest you extract the parts into two separate fields. Then you will be able to easily recombine them in any way you wish. Use = Left ( FullName ; Position ( FullName ; ", " ; 1 ; 1 ) - 1 ) to extract the last name, and = Right ( FullName ; Length ( FullName ) - Position ( FullName ; ", " ; 1 ; 1 ) - 1 ) to extract the first.
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    Go to Layout mode. Select Layout Setup… from the Layouts menu. In the Views pane, enable Table view.
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    It could be Notepad interpreting CRLF as two line breaks. Or it could be the bug mentioned here: https://fmforums.com/topic/100296-getting-on-xml-export-from-windows-server/
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    Actually, this problem is discussed in the help: https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/17/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help/finding-empty-non-empty-fields.html Why go to through the layout, instead of directly to the horse's mouth: IsEmpty ( YourTable::Containerfield ) ?
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    First, you have misplaced the closing parenthesis of the GetField() function. What you wanted to write is: If [ GetField ( Test1::Value_List_Field ) = "Value2" ] But in truth you don't need the GetField() function at all; you can write simply: If [ Test1::Value_List_Field = "Value2" ] Use the GetField() function when the field's name needs to be determined dynamically at the time of evaluation.
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    The FileMaker Web Viewer Bridge raises our interaction between FileMaker and JavaScript to the next level. Let’s take a high-level view of this framework. Working with the web viewer, stage one In all the work I’ve done so far with JavaScript and FileMaker, I’ve followed one setup. The JavaScript libraries, functions, the CSS, and the […] The post The FileMaker Web Viewer Bridge appeared first on Geist Interactive. View the full article
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    If you’re a dev, you are a power user. Below are 7 digital tools that are indispensable, and not necessarily for coding. I don’t know if they share any common characteristics, except that when I don’t have access to them, I grunt in frustration. Nanny / LeechBlock / WasteNoTime Distraction is a huge productivity killer. For me, it’s the #1 issue in ‘getting things done’. I’m an info junkie and I have low self control. Me, making a living at a computer, is like being a recovering alcoholic and working at a bar. Except I’m not Sam Malone. I’m not even close. Buying a box of cookies and just ‘not eating’ them doesn’t work. What does work is not buying those cookies in the first place. That’s harder to do when working in a cookies factory. I love to read about a wide range of topics…current events, personal finance, urban planning. So, I’ve got to lock myself away from Facebook, reddit, twitter, washingtonpost.com, wsj, vox, 538, slatestarcodex, Mr Money Mustache, Bogleheads…well, you get the idea. But having access to those during work hours is majorly counterproductive. The solution? Browser add ons. I use one on each of my three browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). These little utilities block access to sites of my choosing during certain hours. Very configurable, they lock away the liquor until it’s after hours. JumpCut JumpCut is handy little utility keeps track of your clipboard history. It ‘buffers’ your clips, keeping a history of up to 99 items that you can access and paste. Say I want to copy and paste four separate items, pieces of code, from a website to a Data Viewer. By default, that process is: copy, navigate to the Data Viewer, paste, navigate back to the website, repeat 3 more times. With JumpCut, it’s copy, copy, copy, copy, navigate to the Data Viewer, paste, paste, paste, paste. It’s one of those things you *have* to try. I’ve configured JumpCut so cmd-shift-V brings up the clipboard popover, then arrow keys move through my history. I use this shortcut at least 10 times every hour, every single day. Boomerang Boomerang is an app that integrates with Gmail and does two very cool and very different things: schedule emails and bounce emails back. Scheduling e-mails is great. I use it in two situations. If I’m emailing at 2 in the morning and I want to reply to client, but I don’t want to look like an workaholic nutjob. I use Boomerang to actually send the e-mail at 7:30am instead, looking like an industrious, early rising professional. The other situation deals with that feeling when as you hit ‘send’ and you think ‘Oh, crud, that wasn’t right’. Gmail has a great ‘Undo’ feature. Start with that. But the max time is 30 seconds. If I’m sending an email and I’m not sure if my choices around tone or content are the best, but I need to move on, I will schedule to send it in 30 minutes, allowing me to ‘let go’ but leaving open the option of revisiting it if I realize I should have rewritten. Your smile when you use boomerang Bouncing e-mails back is super helpful. I’m a fan of Merlin Mann’s Inbox Zero. I use my inbox as a To Do list. If it’s in there, I need to deal with it. *For the record, at the moment my inbox has 12 emails, and I never let it get above 50. Some tasks, however, need to come back on my to do list. For example, I’ve got to get credentials from a client in order to work on their solution. I’ve emailed them but got an autoresponse that they’re away for 3 days. I don’t want that task sitting on my to do list, because I’m waiting on someone else. So I set the email to “Boomerang” in 4 days. The email will leave my inbox and pop up again in 4 days if I don’t already receive a response from the client. Brilliant! MonkeyBread Solutions MBS has produced the Amazonian rainforest of FileMaker plug-ins. With over 4,500 different functions, it’s an entire ecosystem, packed to the brim with medicinal plants. It’s well worth the $149 price. More awesomely, there’s two incredibly useful developer tools built into the free demo version: The ability to search scripts and the ability to search the relationship graph. Install it, you won’t know how you lived without it. LastPass or any password manager If you’re not using a password manager, you’re being unprofessional. LastPass is the one I use. I haven’t tried KeePass or OnePass or any of the others, I’m sure they’re fine. Pick one and use it. Use a super secure master password (try the Correct Battery Horse Staple method with some of your own modifications), then let your encrypted password store of choice do the rest. I’ve got about 600 entries in my LastPass account, so “the rest” covers a lot ground. I don’t use the un-encrypted EverNote, no I use LastPass. With it I: Generate random 16+ character passwords. Updated all my sites so I’m not using the same P455w0rD on each. Create random 6 letter pronounceable passwords to use as the answers to security questions. Store credit card numbers, including the CVV code. Store configuration details for FM Servers. Attach a copy of SSL files to my client’s ‘note’. Store the VIN of my car. Store the make and model of my lawnmower. Mint.com Like most of humanity, financial security is important to me. One of the cornerstones to financial understanding is creating a budget. Whether you think budgets are prescriptive or descriptive, you should see where your money is going. Mint collates all your financial data in one place and allows you to assign income and expenses to categories you define. I have been using Mint since 2007. I check it at least twice a week, sometimes more. f.lux The human brain is a complex organ. There’s growing evidence that using a screen before bed can interfere with sleep, in large part because the screen emits blue light. f.lux adjusts the color temperature of your screen based on the time of day so that at night, your screen shifts red, encouraging better sleep. Now, you shouldn’t be using a screen in bed, but if you’re using it at night, use f.lux. I recommend all of these tools without reservation. Not that they’re perfect by any means, but they are indispensable. View the full article
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    I think all practical methods have already been mentioned in this thread: 1. Filemaker's native way: Date ( Month ( startDate ) + n ; Day ( startDate ) ; Year ( startDate ) ) 2. Filemaker's native way with a limit: Let ( [ newDate = Date ( Month ( startDate ) + n ; Day ( startDate ) ; Year ( startDate ) ) ; limit = Date ( Month ( startDate ) + n + 1 ; 0 ; Year ( startDate ) ) ] ; Min ( newDate ; limit ) ) 3. Just add 30 days for each month: startDate + n * 30 Alternatively, use the average number of days in a calendar month (30.436875). None of these methods is more correct or strict than any of the others. Each one produces "illogical" results in some circumstances. Of course, the results are only illogical when judged from within a logic other than the one applied in the calculation - but they still look weird to the average human mind. See also: http://www.fmforums.com/forum/showpost.php?post/263667/
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    LaRetta-- I like your solution generally--except that today's Calf might be next year's Sire or Dam, in which case you'd need some way to transfer the Calf record to the Parents table, with a duplication of entries. I would probably have just the one Cows table, with fields for the Sire and Dam of a given cow. But then I'd have to figure out how to show a Cow's calves, since a bull would have to show Sired children, and a cow would have to show Dammed (Question: Aren't they all?!? heh, heh!) children. David
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    If you are asking if you can have a FileMaker frontend with an Access backend, the short answer is no. If the data lives in MicroSoft SQL Server, MySQL, there is a way to do it. But it would involve some fiddling. If you need it run on a Mac, then Access is not an option. You either need something web based, or you need to rebuild it in FileMaker or something native to the OS.
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