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The FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform has evolved over the past fifteen years since the release in 2004 of FileMaker® Pro 7 to encompass now a robust suite of security features to protect the Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, and Resilience of organizational data. This same set of Security Building Blocks also helps to provide protection to organizations from a wide variety of risks including business continuity, regulatory sanctions, criminal and civil liability, and reputational damage.
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Announcing WidgetStudio – FileMaker WebViewer Widgets
WidgetStudio makes it easy to use, design and share powerful interface widgets, like calendars, gauges, charts, and timers. Pick from the constantly growing set of included widgets or build your own. Freely share them with your customers or friends.
The post Announcing WidgetStudio – FileMaker WebViewer Widgets appeared first on Geist Interactive.

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24U Software updates all plug-ins for FileMaker Pro
All 24U plug-ins are now code-signed for better security

Prague, CZ — January 31, 2019 — 24U Software has released a new updates of all currently available 24U’s plug-ins for the FileMaker platform. The just released new versions of the following plug-ins are now code-signed for macOS, Windows, and iOS:

- Gonector
- 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In
- 24U SimpleFile Plug-In
- 24U Phone Companion Plug-In
- 24U Phidgets Plug-In
- 24U Simple Talk Plug-In
- 24U Toolbox Plug-In
- 24U SimpleSound Plug-In
- 24U SimpleHASP Plug-In
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360Works Releases New Major Version, Zulu 3: Calendar Syncing Application - Integrate FileMaker with Apple, Google, and Exchange Calendar
New Major Version, 360Works Zulu 3
FileMaker Calendar Syncing Application

Integrate FileMaker with Apple, Google, and Exchange Calendars. Now with Recurring Events Support, Improved Speed and Stability, Email Handler for Admin Sync Reports, and Exposed Google API key.

360Works is pleased to announce the release of Zulu 3. Zulu is a calendar syncing application that lets Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, or Exchange Calendar see your FileMaker table(s) as an Apple, Google, or Exchange Calendar.
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NEW: 360Works Now an AWS Consulting Partner
360Works is Now an AWS Partner

360Works, a leading FileMaker product developer and innovator, is now additionally an AWS (Amazon Web Services) Consulting Partner! The AWS Partner Network (APN) is comprised of technology experts that are focused on helping customers take full advantage of all the benefits in the AWS universe of services. As an APN Consulting Partner, 360Works will provide services that help customers design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS.
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Karbon Webinar – Getting Started
Free webinar introducing Karbon our free application framework for building ambitious custom business applications. If you are interested in using the FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform at a high level you'll probably want to see what we have cooked up.
The post Karbon Webinar – Getting Started appeared first on Geist Interactive.

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FileMaker Kanban: Organize Your Data
FileMaker Kanban is the latest tool that offers familiar functionality for users and flexibility for the developer. It offers great functionality and organizes your data visually into lanes and cards.
The post FileMaker Kanban: Organize Your Data appeared first on Geist Interactive.

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Send Text Messages from FileMaker - 360Works Email Plugin Update 3.1 Now Leverages AWS for Sending
Need a Way to Send SMS/Text Messages from FileMaker?

We have released a new update for the 360Works Email Plugin, version 3.1, allowing you to send text messages from FileMaker leveraging technology from Amazon Web Services along with improvements to the plugin when used on Windows.

We like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and as you may have noticed, we use AWS technology in a lot of our product updates. AWS has been a scalable and reliable remote computing infrastructure for our software and we have a great depth of experience in implementing their services into our development.

Recently, we've been working on improving the SMS/text message service for our Email Plugin, and Amazon's Simple Notification Service (SNS) API was the optimal technology to leverage for sending SMS in FileMaker. Unlike using other gateways, there is no need to hassle with lengthy account set ups and various expensive complicated pricing models. In fact, if you already have an AWS account you can get started for free and use the 360Works Email Plugin for sending text messages right now!
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FileMaker® Server 17 And SSL Certificates: Configuration And Use
Information about new SSL processes and options. Jointly authored with Wim Decorte.
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Discussion of new processes for monitoring FileMaker Server.  Jointly authored with Wim Decorte.
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Extensive discussion of new methods for administering FileMaker Server.  Joint authored with Wim Decorte.
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We're happy to announce: #FileMaker Icon Replacements – dotfmp.berlin  2018-Edition https://www.herrfriedrich.com/de/goodies/
Right in time for whatever comes next…
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Hey Scientists, Clinicians, Researchers - Do you have a lot of data sitting on excel files in your computer? Have you ever wondered what is the best way to effectively store, manage and share that data with other scientists? Then this workshop is for you!!


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GoDraw3: Hack the Heck Out of It
GoDraw3 is a FileMaker drawing tool for users. For FileMaker developers, however, it is full of customization. A developer can do with it what she wants.
The post GoDraw3: Hack the Heck Out of It appeared first on Geist Interactive.
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(SYLVANIA, OH, USA, March 2018) - New Leaf Data, LLC is excited to announce the immediate availability of FM Inventory Starter (FMIS).  Built on the FileMaker platform, FMIS is an ideal starter application for organizations and teams with inventory management needs, including:

• Manufacturers

• Distributors

• Warehouses

• Procurement Teams

• Sales Teams

FMIS includes the tables and fields needed for an inventory management solution.  FMIS also has over 40 desktop layouts, including 3 templates.  

FMIS is extremely flexible.  FMIS is not an off-the-shelf solution.  Minimal scripting ensures that your organization can define your own business logic to meet your needs.  FMIS also has a minimal relationship graph, enabling you to build your system on the graph model of your choice.

FMIS includes an overview course to help you quickly learn how to use this flexible tool.

FMIS is free.  Course and download information can be found here.

Additional courses include:

• Order Types (e.g. Sales Order, Purchase Order Work Order, etc. using the universal data model).

• Storing Quantity Values

• Transactions

• Navigation (available in April 2018)

Courses include written descriptions, video tutorials, and downloadable demo files.  The courses are optional and start at $99.

New Leaf Data, LLC is a FileMaker Business Alliance company in northwest Ohio.  New Leaf Data, LLC created the website FileMaker Inventory Resources.
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Michael Layne from Gearbox Solutions presents on FileMaker’s new JSON functions. He does a deep dive into FileMaker’s new JSON functions and demos several examples of how they are using JSON for passing parameters, populating form data, validation and rollback, managing session info such as value lists as global. Michael also demos REST client and REST server with new data API.
The post FileMaker JSON, REST, and the Data API appeared first on Blue Feather - FileMaker Developer, Android, Web.
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The Women of FileMaker organization is sponsoring a Pause On Error FileMaker Conference May 7th-8th in New Orleans.  More information at the website:


Steven H. Blackwell
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Like a Boss: Let us Discuss the FileMaker Let Function
The FileMaker Let function is your tool to make a calculation readable, well formatted and easy to debug. Let us discuss how it can be used.

The post Like a Boss: Let us Discuss the FileMaker Let Function appeared first on Geist Interactive.
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FileMaker offers many different options for charting, but if you need a chart that is not available in FileMaker, you should consider using Google Charts. Google Charts is a free Javascript framework that can be used in conjunction with web viewers in FileMaker to extend your charting capabilities.
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Like a Boss: Using the Script Debugger to its Full Potential
The FileMaker Script Debugger is powerful. Its features are often overlooked. In this post we examine the buttons that control stepping through a script.
The post Like a Boss: Using the Script Debugger to its Full Potential appeared first on Geist Interactive.
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FMP URL protocol
The fmp7://, fmp7script://, and fmp:// URL protocols offer FileMaker developers awesome possibilities. They can be used to control FileMaker solutions from outside or from inside. Examples include: from a web page, another application, or a FileMaker Web Viewer.

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FileMaker 16 Card Windows

A Card Window is a new type of window (FM16) that is modal (only to its parent window), allowing users to open a “context independent” sub-window (showing a layout in the same file or an external file) without leaving the parent window

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Survival Guide: Find, Hire and Work with a Software Developer, Successfully! (Part 2 of 7)
Part 2: What Should You Consider When Selecting a Development Partner? What Questions Might You Ask a Potential Developer?

Hiring a developer is about creating a working relationship. You want someone who gets your business and gets you. Having a good working relationship often determines the success or failure of a development project. Hire someone you are comfortable with who also has the skills necessary to make your project successful. Beyond the quality of the working relationship, there are several questions to ask that will help you determine if you have chosen the right developer.

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This SQL code generator will generate ExecuteSQL() code for FileMaker allowing you to use unsafe field names and make changes to database schema after making the code. If you have feedback of any kind such as bugs or feature requests please visit the support topic for this file.
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Hierarchical JSON Viewer / Editor
By Andy Persons & Doug West
One of the standout new features of FileMaker Pro 16 is native support for the JSON data-interchange format. In addition to providing easy integration with a host of online services, it also provides developers with the tools to create robust hierarchical structures for use entirely within FileMaker. This hierarchical JSON viewer / editor file provides some tools for visualizing, manipulating, and leveraging JSON text.
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