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FileMaker 16 Card Windows

A Card Window is a new type of window (FM16) that is modal (only to its parent window), allowing users to open a “context independent” sub-window (showing a layout in the same file or an external file) without leaving the parent window

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Survival Guide: Find, Hire and Work with a Software Developer, Successfully! (Part 2 of 7)
Part 2: What Should You Consider When Selecting a Development Partner? What Questions Might You Ask a Potential Developer?

Hiring a developer is about creating a working relationship. You want someone who gets your business and gets you. Having a good working relationship often determines the success or failure of a development project. Hire someone you are comfortable with who also has the skills necessary to make your project successful. Beyond the quality of the working relationship, there are several questions to ask that will help you determine if you have chosen the right developer.

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This SQL code generator will generate ExecuteSQL() code for FileMaker allowing you to use unsafe field names and make changes to database schema after making the code. If you have feedback of any kind such as bugs or feature requests please visit the support topic for this file.
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Hierarchical JSON Viewer / Editor
By Andy Persons & Doug West
One of the standout new features of FileMaker Pro 16 is native support for the JSON data-interchange format. In addition to providing easy integration with a host of online services, it also provides developers with the tools to create robust hierarchical structures for use entirely within FileMaker. This hierarchical JSON viewer / editor file provides some tools for visualizing, manipulating, and leveraging JSON text.
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With the advent of a new Fiscal Year for the FileMaker Developer Community, we will experience five emerging trends in FileMaker Information Security.  Each of these will likely have specific impact on developers, on our clients, on the Platform, and on the larger business environment in which we operate. Cumulatively and symbiotically, the magnified impact of the five will have the potential to alter many long-standing practices and conventions.
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OAuth Identity Providers by Wim Decorte and Steven H. Blackwell
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