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  1. Yes - sorry for not responding to my own post, sijmons. It occurred to me soon after the post that FileMaker Server 12 was not supported on Mac OS 10.9 yet. I was only using a test machine, so I wasn't pressed about it. I am also awaiting the update so I can upgrade my test environment.
  2. Is it compatible? Ever since I upgraded, I'm getting the 404 Not Found error when I try to access it. None of the Companion Plug-Ins can find it. I'm running it with FMS 12.0.405. Java is up-to-date, version 45. I uninstalled SuperContainer and "successfully" reinstalled it. Web Services were off at the time of uninstall and reinstall. Stopped all and restarted the computer. None of this helped. I'm a bit baffled, so the only thing I can think of is that I upgraded the OS. It has been working fine for months before that. Thank you! Ed
  3. Hi Joe: I am using FileMaker 12 and the SuperContainer 2.89, build 6050 (6/21/13). It doesn't seem to be the cache, as I can see the physical folder structure in the SuperContainer folder tree. Should I add a step with the companion plug-in to clear cache? Thanks, Ed
  4. Note, I the topic probably should have been worded, "SCMove Does Not Move Thumbnails As Expected". It may just be working fine, just not the way I thought it would!
  5. I have successfully implemented SuperContainer on a few projects. I am now working on one where I'll actually use iterations. In doing so, I created little Image Nav buttons under the web viewer, to browse through the existing images. So if there are three images, it says, "Image 1 of 4". As such, I need to manage the "iterations" when a file gets deleted. Say I am on Image 2 of 4. When the user clicks delete, it deletes the image, and I am left with iterations 1, 3, and 4. For my nav to work, I need to renumber them. To do this, I loop through each and basically say: Set Variable [$iteration.new = $iteration.current] Set Variable [$iteration.old = $iteration.new + 1] SCMove ( $path & "/" & $iteration.old; $path & "/" & $iteration.new; "filename=" & filename.new) (note, filename.new is reconstructed with the new iteration number prior to those steps) So I successfully loop through and repeat this until I'm on the last iteration. Works great. They each get moved within the Files structure. Image 2 is deleted, Image 3 becomes Image 2; Image 4 becomes Image 3. However, they are NOT being moved and deleted properly in the Thumbnails structure. My web viewer must be using the thumbnails, as it shows the same one for images 2 and 3. However when I click on Image 3, it opens the correct one (different than what is being displayed in the web viewer). I opened the folders in Finder and could see that the folder structures do not match. Thumbnails shows Image 1 (correct), Image 2 (correct), Image 3 (incorrect - same as Image 2), and Image 4 (should now be Image 3). Any ideas?
  6. Okay, figured it out on Friday night with some trial and error. I guess on Windows Server 2008, you have to put the custom path in the vistaFilePath node, not the windowsFilePath node. Once I put it there, the files began saving to the correct location. Got everything up and running nice and smoothly.
  7. Thanks, dbail. I modified the web.xml file in the path similar to the one you posted. I'm on Windows Server 2008, so my path was: C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerWeb Publishingpublishing-enginejwpc-tomcatSuperContainerWEB-INF Where is the other file? I only saw this one listed in the 360works documentation for SuperContainer. As far as mounting the share drive, it was mapped to the z-drive. So I wonder if I should use a local path, instead of a network path. So instead of: fas3140-m3-1a-cifsap_fmp$SuperContainerFiles I wonder if I should use: z:SuperContainerFiles Of course now SuperContainer is not even loading...ugh...
  8. I am changing the Document Management system for a large FileMaker-based system I have been developing and maintaining for the past six years. The documents are currently stored on a network share. I am moving them to a different network share, but this will be on a separate server from our FileMaker Server (Advanced 12). I have successfully installed SuperContainer on the FMS machine. I changed the web.xml file to point to the network share, so the XML node now reads: <context-param> <param-name>windowsFilesPath</param-name> <param-value>fas3140-m3-1a-cifsap_fmp$SuperContainerFiles</param-value> <description>This is where the files will be stored when running on the Windows platform.</description> </context-param> Do I also need to include our network account/password that we use to access this share? I saw nodes for simpleAuthUsername and simpleAuthPassword further down the document. Perhaps it's just the un/pw that is missing and needed. Ideas?? Thank you!
  9. Hi Flutegirl, I believe it is because the Line Item::Product Type field is unindexed (since it refers to a global field). The left side of your relationship can be unindexed, but the right side has to be indexable. Do a test and create another Product Type field that is Text only, then replace its contents for all records with the original Product Type field. Point your relationship there and see if it works. It should. I'm assuming some things here: The UI::ProductType field is a global you're using to filter what you're viewing The Line Item::Product Type field is the calculation that refers to a global in the Inventory Table. I don't really understand why your Line Item::Product Type field refers to another global. I would think it would simply refer to the product type selected. If the data of your Line Item::Product Type doesn't change, I'd suggest changing it to a Text field with either an Auto-Enter Lookup (pointing to the same field as your calculation), or an Auto-Enter Calculation, using the same calculation. That is a way to make the relationship work. I hope this helps. Good luck! Regards, Ed
  10. I am trying to enable the ScriptMaster plugin on Windows Server 2003, FMS10, but getting Error 474 - Plug-in failed to load. Any idea how to fix this? Thank you, Ed McPike
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