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  1. Thats exacly what I am looking for. Thank you
  2. Hello once a gain. Ya, I'm stuck. Is there a way to open a portal with in a portal row? I would like to be able to enter a record in the Cash Out portal and open a portal from that record (like a pop up window) and enter item numbers. Each item number needs to have it's ID Key. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I was hoping that some one could give me a hand. I have three computers at home on a network, two XP's and one Vista. If I open a FileMaker DB on any one of my computers, the other two can open it up using Open Remote. But when I take the same DB to work and open it up, none of the other computers can see it. I will not be back to work for two days. But I think that I have now know whats wrong and if some one could let me know if I am on the wright track. At work they have a camera system that can be viewed over the internet that uses port 80 forwarding and here at home I do not. Do I need to
  4. Yes it's to lock down a solution, but it's local and I can move it for them, I have software for locking Runtime's. Works good I found it on a thread here.
  5. Yes it would be in the same place all the time. It is just a way to make sure the DB will not open if place on anther machine. I'll look at that link and think you.
  6. As for the barcode readers check out this link http://www.barcodediscount.com/search.htm?search=barcode+swipe
  7. Stuck one more time.... I would like to add a script to the beginning of my “open script” that checks for a file somewhere on the hard drive in order to complete the open script. And can this file be a text file? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks All. BruceR, that’s just what the Doctor ordered. And as for the lookups, at first there was only one customer card and it worked. But, I do like this better.
  9. Each customer can have up to two cards. There are two types of cards. One is a smart card with a chip and the the other card is membership card ( Gold or Silver ). Some customers have both types and some of them have smart cards and some only have membership cards. The membership card numbers start with one or two letter like G,S or MW.
  10. Stuck in the mud again. I have set up a DB that looks up Card ID 1, Card ID 2 and Name from Customer Table and places it in the a portal from CheckIn Table. This works just fine. But, Is there a way to enter Card ID 1 or Card ID 2 in the Enter ID field and pull up the same info. See Attached. Any help would be appreciated. LookUp.zip
  11. Hello Annette Hope this helps some. 1.Your “Return For” field is a Pop Up field and the others are Edit boxes. That is why the are different. 2.I think you are looking for a Pop Up field here. See New Attached. 3.As for this one, I will see what I can find for you if you have not received an answer. Respite_Rev.zip
  12. For anyone that is following this, I have finished it with the help of all that given me their input. And for that I thank you much. I hope that this helps someone else. I know that some of the steps that I have taken might be the long way, but I think that if it work right and gets you what you are looking for, then it must be the right way. DL_Swipe8_8_New_REV.zip
  13. The Middle function is not a strong point for me and I know that I need a lot of work in that area. Thank you for your all your help and I will keep trying to get the "Position ( text ; "^" ; 17 ; 1 ) + 1" working as I trust that it will or you would not suggested it. It may be an extra step I took, but it gets me the street every time. So now it is off to the "Last Name" field.
  14. I did it the way you showed me. This is for the street address. When the city is less than 13 characters it has the "^" at the end. The street address is separated by "^" also and at that time there is three instances of the "^" and my Middle Scrip for the street address end up with "Last Name$First Name$Meddle Name" and not the street.
  15. Ok, I think that I got the Street figured out. I created a field “Street1_First” the script: Middle (Contacts::DL_Swipe; Position(Contacts::DL_Swipe; "$" ; 1; 1) + 1; Position (Contacts::DL_Swipe; "^"; 1; 2) + Position (Contacts::DL_Swipe; "^"; 1; 1) – 1) Then the script to Middle this field: Middle (Contacts::Street1_First; Position(Contacts::Street1_First; "^" ; 1; 1) + 1; Position (Contacts::Street1_First; "^"; 1; 2) - Position (Contacts::Street1_First; "^"; 1; 1) – 1) And that seems to work on whatever street address I us. So I'm guessing the trick is to brake down the
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