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  1. Hadn't even thought about your first option I will give it a shot and let you know what I've come up with. Thanks!
  2. I have a list of patients included are the fields below. I would like create a list based off of the Insurance field and make the portal only display the patients with the selected insurance type. Is this possible? Field Names Name Insurance type Address Location
  3. I've tried both suggestions but it still isn't correctly so I tried to add another variable to eliminate the date problem. I've added a value list with "Billed" and Paid. My plan is to add this to the case statement but when adding another "AND" statement it evaluate this statement. [AND payment_status NOTEQUAL "Paid"] Is it that you can only do two calculations in a CASE statement?
  4. It's beeb been bogging my brain but I'm still working on a way to get it to select the most recent date in the portal. It seems to be using the date from the first creating record.
  5. Thanks that worked! I tried the case statement but I used >. What I've learned is that case checks in order and once it finds a true statement it stops. At least that's what I believe happened when I was using > to evaluate instead of <.
  6. I have a sample invoice with radio buttons that display >30 days >60 days ...... etc. I having trouble figuring the calculation based off of the most recent date of the customers payment. This is how I see it in my head but I can't figure out the calculation correctly. This is not correctly formatted, just pseudo. IF Balance < 0 and (payment_date >30 but <61 ) THEN past_due ">30 days" IF Balance < 0 and (payment_date >60 but <91 ) THEN past_due ">60 days" and so on........ Any help would be appreciated.
  7. What exactly are you trying to do? Are you just trying to figure out the taxes? If so it can be as simple as: payable_taxes = total_of_products * taxes total = total_of_products + payable_taxes Hope this helps :wink2:
  8. "Global Field" was the key. I had xdate as a regular date field but once I changed it to global, it worked perfectly. THANKS!!
  9. Thanks for the post. That actually helped me refine another report I was generating. Maybe my question wasn't clear. I would like to view every date within the month of the drop-down calendar. If the calendar's month is July 2009, only show records from July 2009. I hope this is clearer.
  10. I am fairly new to FMP but not to programming. I have managed to figure out how to generate a monthly report based off of current date but I can't figure out how to use the dropdown calendar to do it. This is what I used for current date. Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [iNVOICES:date_post;Month (Get ( CurrentDate ) )] Perform Find [] The dropdown's name is xdate. I've tried to make INVOICES:date_post = xdate then Perform Find but it's not working.
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