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  1. I was able to get the attachment... if you look you can see the four tables. I don't understand why there are four necessary, but the idea of an "enrollments" table came up in the responses AND in the sample database that I downloaded off of the website mentioned above--that database works, and I tried to copy the relationships in my own database. It just isn't working the same way. Let me know if you need any other info. Thanks!
  2. First of all, thanks for your suggestions so far. I'm still encountering major issues, though, and would appreciate your help. I tried implementing what I want to happen with a fourth table called "enrollments", as suggested. I even downloaded a sample database from databasepros.com to reverse engineer, and copied the basic format as much as I know how to. But it isn't working like I want. Here's an attachment with an image of my relationship window so you can see what I've done so far: relatinship table.tiff Here are my problems: 1. Even though I have "allow creation of
  3. I am using Filemaker Pro 10 to track registration for a "Monday school" that offers classes to homeschooled kids. We run for 5 hours, and kids take 5 classes (one per hour). I'm having trouble figuring out how to create a way to get FM to create roster lists. I am a novice at database relationships--I last used FM about 20 years ago when relationships weren't part of the picture, and so this is all new to me. So here's where I'm at: I have a table called "studentinfo" where I have student names and IDs, ages, addresses, etc. This also has a "schedule" area where I put down students
  4. The preferences are irrelevant, actually. I don't need Filemaker to deal with the preferences. I'll re-explain my problem, and hopefully it'll be clearer this time. I have a table called "studentinfo" where I have student names and IDs, ages, addresses, etc. This also has a "schedule" area where I put down students' schedules--each student takes 5 classes, one per hour. I have a second table called "classinfo" where I put down class ID and name, name of teacher, time, and location of the class. I have a fourth table called "rosterinfo" that is related to "classinfo" by
  5. There are five hours of classes (like first period, second period, etc. in high school), and about 6 classes per hour. So I need to be able to generate a schedule of classes for each student (that's easy), and then a roster for each class, for teachers to take attendance with.
  6. I am using "Filemaker Pro 10: The Missing Manual" to learn how to relate various tables in databases. I'm developing a database to track students and classes for a community learning program (non-profit org.) Right now, I have a table with student info, including a student ID, a table with the list of classes offered this semester, with a class ID, and a table that lists first, second and third preferences for each student for each hour, as well as final placements in classes (by a value list that is created by the class list table). Hope that makes sense so far. So my quest
  7. Educated guesses. That's all I got at this point. I really don't know the program that well. The last time I worked on Filemaker Pro was about 15 years ago... version 3, I think. As is the case now, I didn't have a manual or anything, and just went on basic trial-and-error. I went to Filemaker Pro rather than a spreadsheet program like Excel for many reasons; the registration & class lists is only one application of the program to our general record-keeping efforts at the school and basic spreadsheets are not going to cut it. I know my computing logic is very basic, but it just seems
  8. I just did... thanks for even that help. I was thinking of different layouts as different tables. Not so. So now, I have one table called "studentinfo" and one called "classinfo". I have made the two related. In the "classinfo" table I have a text field for "class name" and I have tried to create fields for "class count" to start out with, but the calculation fields I'm trying are not working; in other words, I'm still having a problem getting a count and name list for each class. I'm just not sure how to program the table to look up the total number of records from "studentinfo" tha
  9. I'm sorry to say this, but I can't follow your answer. Here's some extra info, though, that may help you and others guide me in a way that I can "get": 1) I have the "hour 1 preference" (and so on) fields set up as value lists for ease of data entry when students turn in sign-ups for classes. I can just click on the buttons corresponding to the classes they want, and go on. I suppose I could set up a separate field for each class, but I'd ONLY want a check box in that case (checked would equal 1, unchecked 0). That way it would be easy to create a summary field that totals up the number o
  10. First, the background. I'm the registrar for a "Monday School" for homeschooled children. Our organization offers about 6 classes every hour for 5 hours. I have 5 value lists, one for each hour, that lists the classes offered that hour. On my first layout, I have general student information (first, last, address, phone, emergency contact) AND the classes they've signed up for (I just set up radio button lists in fields called "Hour 1 signup", "Hour 2 signup", and so on, each of which contain the respective value list, so I can click on the classes they want). NOW: In my second layout, I h
  11. Thanks. I'll give it a go here, try to allow you some insight into what I'm trying to do. I'm going to tackle my first question only here, since that's step one for me. I have a layout with fields for student information up top and down below their class preferences. There are five fields in this last section: one for each hour. These are entitled "hour 1 preference" "hour 2 preference", and so on. Each of these fields has a radio button list of the classes being offered at each hour (the lists are 4-6 items long) and I simply take the preferences the parents email me and click the radio
  12. I'm creating a database for registration purposes at a school. Students of board members are automatically placed into their first choice classes, then teacher's children are given priority, then others. If enrollment for a class goes beyond its max limit, I want Filemaker Pro to randomly select from students whose "first choice" field contains each class name. I currently have "first choice, hour 1", "first choice, hour 2", etc. on one layout. So here are my questions: 1) I will be creating a layout with fields for each class (ex: "hula") and want lists to be automatically generated w
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