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  1. Hi, 1)How did you trigger script? 2)Just PriceUSD*Rate isn't enough - Round is necessary, or omit digits starting from 3rd after"," - depend from how is accepted by accounting department. 3)Import USD and EUR into separate fields and show them in new calculation field. Approx like this: If (Is Empty (Trim(USD)); Round(EUR/Rate;2); If (Is Empty (Trim(EUR)); Round(USD*Rate;2);"")) And you can include value from field Show all in USD/EUR: If(USD/EUR=USD;If (Is Empty (Trim(USD)); Round(EUR/Rate;2); If (Is Empty (Trim(EUR)); Round(USD*Rate;2);"")); If (Is Empty (Trim(USD)); Round(EUR/
  2. Hi, The first that comes in mind is: N-number to be rounded UP You can use Case or If. In general formula is (Case): Case [N-Int(N)>=0 and N-Int(N)<=0,25; Int(N)+0,25; N-Int(N)>0,25 and N-Int(N)<=0,5; Int(N)+0,5; N-Int(N)>0,5 and N-Int(N)<=0,75; Int(N)+0,75; Int(N)+1]
  3. I have seen lot of posts here regarding similar questions. Probably you can find answer via search
  4. Hi, I think that you need to connect WordPress MySQL and FileMaker databases because WP login is connection to WP MySQL. Web Assistant is for FileMaker database.
  5. Hi, PHP files typically have small special part for IE. If doesn't work - problem is here. Open every file involved including CSS with text editor and compare "original" (made by PHP Assistant ) and modified. It can take some time.
  6. Hi, Need some more explanation - if there is 2 persons: you want to see both to choose witch one? Probably you can use portal
  7. In general - here is no big question or problems if you are on the OS X: 1) Install Win via BootCamp, 2) Install FM Pro Advanced on Win, 3) Open FM file you need to convert to runtime. 4) Take a look on layout - field sizes, fonts, portal sizes - because typically you need add 2pt in size for Win version and fonts also sometime need to be changed. 5) Make runtime. 6) Test and if OK - send it to the client. 8) client don't need FM to run it, as you know
  8. That is correct. You need to create runtime on Windows machine to run on Windows machine. That is a bit dummy because you need to install filemaker on 2 machines if you need to create runtime for 2 platforms.
  9. Hi, I haven't go very deep in your solution but some years ago I make something similar and I use duplicated particular table(s) in the Graph (for another relationships) to get more easy working or (what you say) put left and right part together.
  10. Hi, As I can see - you have a sequence of days from date. Question is - do you need to convert to dates once (after import) or calculate all the time? If once, I'll use temporary script - starting from first record and looping through the end and new date field. You can use LeftWords function to get next or current month. And year is defined by script.
  11. You can open PDF via FM web viewer. So you just point address (calculation) to necessary PDF (better is to keep all Help PDF's in one folder together with corresponding FM file).
  12. Hi, This is internet provider question - ask him to bind www.website.com to address via DNS. Then you can use IWP as you like.
  13. Hi, Do you have set web publishing access privileges for IWP or PHP? What platform -Win or OS X you use?
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